Networking dumby needs advice

Hi guys an gals
Ok networking aint my strong point and would like to learn a little of you clever fellas/gals, i have a few questions so please bear with me.

1 Im running a XFX 790i ultra with 2 E/net ports i have both connected to my BT homehub and have selected to team the conection so my pc only see's one connection. Is this a good idear? whats the benifits of teaming them over not haveing them teamed.

2 I can share files between my pc and the kids pc, both me and my mrs are wondering if there is any way i can moniter (and i mean moniter not pry) what the kids are upto on there pc from mine?

3 Is there any way i can when its not being used i can controll play games on the kids pc from mine, why you ask well i run 64bit and there is some old dos games on the kids pc i like to play, but being disabled the other pc isnt set up where i can sit comfortably and use it for long and due to space this cant be fixed.

i have a few more questions but hat will do for now

Kind regards and thanks in advance
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  1. 1) The device you're connecting to would have to support it and be configured to do so. Further, it this is your internet connection it's highly unlikely that your internet bandwidth exceeds your NIC's speed.

    2) There are a lot of options here.... really depends one what EXACTLY you want to monitor and how.

    3) You could RDP (Microsoft Remote Deskop) to it, but doubt you'll get the "gaming performance" you're looking for.
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