4850 radeon problem please help no video

Hi guys a few days ago my system was fine.Now i turn it on its not coming on i see 2 lights behind my card.A tech said its in protection mode. I have to change both cards and power supply.Is there a way to reset my card out of protection mode?He said the factory normally does that.can i do it?
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  1. Huh? protection mode? Never heard such things...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
  2. i have a thermaltake 430w a few days ago my pc was working well i dismantled it from case because i was moving now i put together again. im have both lights stay on behind my video card d1601 and d1602 my ps is thermaltake 430w. My video card is 4850 radeon. I put new psu and video card all works well so its not motherboard but when i change videocard i have to reset cmos before new one works.Is my videocard gone? If my power supply was bad can i change powersupply and reset the card?
  3. i have a thermaltake 430 w ive used this for along time now. However the tech guy says i have to change both powersupply and videocard. He installed both and system boots. He put new psu with my videocard and doesnt boot. Is my card dead? this was working a few days so well before i dismantled the system
  4. Can you clarify what exactly the problem is? It just sounds like you have one issue after another and it's hard to understand which one you have resolved and which one is still a problem. Anyway, resetting the CMOS won't cause anything to happen to your graphics card. And when you say that you put a new PSU in, does that mean you've replaced the 430w? I'd love to help, but I'm very confused as to what the problem is. My only guess it that you have nothing going to your monitor when you boot up the computer (based on your thread title), but the specifics are very confusing.
  5. My apologies ok ill start from scratch firstly i have a 4850 radeaon and 430 psu
    I was moving so i dismantled my cpu took out all my parts as i was flying and case couldnt fit. I arrive i put everything together in a new case
    1- i powered up processor spins , 2 lights on video card on but no video.
    2- i took to a technician as i have no parts to exchange he said the card has gone in protection mode. And i need to change both power supply and video card.
    3 - what i saw was he put in a new psu with my old card and nothing shows, then he reset the cmos with a jumper and put in a new card and my system shows.
    4- can both my psu and video card go bad?
  6. Can you give us more detail about your PSU?
    Because it might be your HD4850 is lack of power, so it wouldn't boot properly...
  7. I want to be more specific about no.3:
    What is the PSU that the technician use to run your PC?
  8. That i dont know i have another pc now let me go see the specs maybe i can try this psu let me go see if it can work
  9. Because if that tech use 300W-400W generic PSU, i'm pretty sure it won't run HD4850...
    You must have 450W minimum to run that card.
    Yes, we need more detail here...
  10. we are already talkin in the other one to avoid spam sorry. But can my videocard be damaged if both lights come on and stay on?
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    4850 radeon problem please help
  12. ok the other power supply i have home is a 800w 4 pin only i will need 6 pin right?
  13. Verify that you have all the power connections plugged in correctly.

    That 4 pin is your CPU power. It should go in a port near the CPU socket. It may be an 8 pin port, but the 4 pin plug will work fine.

    You should also have a 6 pin PCIe power from your power supply, to the video card.
  14. for this card whats a good psu to get? what rating?I think ill go buy a psu
  15. wa1 said:
    I want to be more specific about no.3:
    What is the PSU that the technician use to run your PC?

    he used a 800w
  16. Most any quality (corsair, antec, OCZ, seasonic) PSU that has 400w+, and at least 17amps on the 12v rail(s) would do fine.

    If you've got an 800w PSU, it should have no problem powering that 4850. Double check the cables are all plugged in.
  17. They are the can the card go bad? just like that? i heard it goes into protection mode. From over power or under power.And the factory resets it any ideas?
  18. Yes, they can go bad, specially if you were transporting it, and it bounced around.

    But if the tech was able to get it up and running, the problem is more likely with your PSU, or connections.
  19. no no the tech didnt get the card working.When he took out my card and put in a new card and new power supply it worked.Does the card go into protection mode?
  20. If it has a protection mode, it's news to me.

    What kind of motherboard do you have?
  21. There is no such this as "protection mode" if there is its something that none of us have ever heard of.
  22. ok so both lights are coming o nthe 4850 and he used a 800 power supply. It doesnt work, that means its bad? The fan is spinning on the card, but nothing through the monitor.
  23. Do you get any beeps when you turn the system on?

    Unplug, and remove the video card, and try powering on. Do you get any beep code then?

    What kind of motherboard? If it has onboard video, try using that.
  24. no no onboard its gigabyte motherboard . everything else except the video card and powersupply is good if we switch both the system works. Im just wondering if just like this my video card can go bad
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