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Can anyone tell me what problems would occur if a person had not installed the chip set drivers from Intel. I couldn't remember if I had installed or not since I never had a driver install disk. I just used downloaded drivers for the on board things and never had any erroneous errors pop up, still have a memory and storage problem using two sticks of ram. I installed the correct Intel package and thinking about trying two sticks again but I don't want to waste any time. The storage errors always force a disk check on a re boot and it takes a long time with a 1 terabyte drive.
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  1. The HDD and RAM are two separate issues. Chances are IF you have an LGA 1155 by default the SATA is set to AHCI in the BIOS but the Start values in Windows registry are set to 3 (IDE), and they need to be Start = 0 (AHCI). {Vista & 7}

    To correct run (Fix It) or set the values manually using REGEDIT; see ->

    Regarding the RAM, typically the RAM must be in the 'same color' DIMM slots per the manual. If using (2) two sets don't use XMP if Intel.

    Q - What MOBO?
    Q - What OS? Including 32-bit or 64-bit?
    Q - What RAM? I prefer a link or links
  2. The board is quite old an ECS 915P-A v1.1
    The only time I get a storage error is when I try using two sticks. At times I get a blue screen but not often. The RAM is certified for this board and a matched pair that was replaced twice by the vendor trying to fix this issue. It still persist but only using the two sticks, there are only two slots for the RAM and it seems to make no difference which stick I choose to use or slot as long as I use ONE, just using two gives problems.
    Operating system is XP Home edition sp3 and 32 bit
    The Ram vendor is DMS with a part number 273 506273956
    1G PC2-4200 UDIMM 2RX8
  3. ref -

    DDR2 533/400 DDR2 SDRAM
    PC2-4200 = 525MHz

    Update BIOS and use BIOS version = 06/06/27 ; TON of 'fixes'. The current version should be listed in the BIOS or you can use CPU-z {Mainboard tab}; CPU-z -

    I assume that ONLY DIMM Slots 1 & 2 are filled with the DDR2 RAM.
    I assume that you can boot with either DDR2 stick, one at a time.
    I assume there are no {? or !} listed in the Device Manager.
    I assume there's no MAXMEM used in MSCONCIG, BOOT.INI, Advanced and NO 'Boot Options' are checked.

    Clear CMOS, see you manual pg 16 of 56 "Checking Jumper Settings"; see video for procedures -
    You might want to reinstall the Intel Inf Driver(s).
  4. Thanks I already flashed with that one years ago. I'll do that clearing of the BIOs it certainly can't hurt anything, and I did install the Inf drivers again. I'm still not certain if those were installed the last time I installed XP. I'm thinking they weren't but I just can't remember, it's easy to forget things when you are trouble shooting or installing a fresh system. So I'll do the clearing and reinstall the 2 sticks and see how it does, I'll let you know. Thanks for that utility address it is very handy. Finally I do run a custom boot ini because I have so much on this drive all the softwares try to to start services that I don't need or can just turn on in services when I need them, most are licensing service servers.
  5. materene said:
    Finally I do run a custom boot ini because I have so much on this drive all the softwares try to to start services that I don't need or can just turn on in services when I need them, most are licensing service servers.

    ^That's possibly were the trouble is {BOOT.INI}, and IF you aren't using the Default PageFile size.
  6. A couple years ago as I was building a new system, I installed windows and then as soon as I got in I changed the resolution. Every single time I did this it would crash the system and I would have to do a fresh install again. I think I did it 3 or 4 times before it struck me that I need to install the chipset drivers before I changed the resolution. That board is still in use with a neighbor and my old Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6400.

    In the end I wouldnt think you would get far into the build without installing the drivers or having the OS have the drivers install from it.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  7. I'm running two sticks now and nothing has happened as yet, but that's always how it acted, it happened when you thought things were normal. Trying to run a game that is a hardware beast and it won't run now, but that may not have anything to do with using the two sticks, it did say hardware had changed and required a reinstall, this is one of those games that make the people that actually paid for it to suffer stupid copy protection schemes, that seems to be what it is at this time. After I run one or two games that use a lot of horsepower I'll know if it is solid or not.

    I thought the same thing about the inf drivers since I never saw any complains or errors. On the other hand I just built another machine from old parts using a dell system and put XP Pro onto it, it did balk about not installing the proper inf , I got those from Dell and all seems well with that one. This is what made me think I could have a problem with this machine. Time will tell.
  8. To Rule-out RAM, create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+, use the ISO/zip file and run the tests for 2 preferably 4 passes or at least 1-2 hours.

    IF RAM passes but the Failure(s) continue then start looking at other causes including Windows, Drivers, etc - there XP creates a 'Dump File' if it BSOD's - let it write it.

    I can but don't like looking at Dump Files, these guy love those files -> ; I don't know if there's an XP section.

    If your system is old, most sudden stops/shutdowns are PSU related.

    As Housekeeping I often run SFC and Disk Repair, schedule and reboot ->

    Also, most non-OEM RAM has Lifetime Warranties.
  9. I have already swapped PSU's thinking that might be the cause, especially because of the load the video card added, it uses the power in plug to run it. That along with a lot of drives running, although I don't think they add much if not in use. I've never had a blue screen that refers to power outage, usually I just wake up one morning and push the on button and it is dead, which did happen on this machine. Luckily I usually have spares. I am downloading the one game that I wanted to try and it is over 2 gigs so that should at least tell me if a storage error has re occurred. That usually is the most prevalent problem and even caused me to go out and purchase a new hard drive when I really didn't need one. Same with a DVD drive, I was transferring downloads to disc and that storage issue conflicted with burning the data. 25% to go and I will be able to know if the download is solid.
  10. Most OS issues can be ruled-out by running MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic, reboot then Test. Sleep and S3 states can be a problem too, so overnight you can try Disabling Sleep either in the OS or BIOS.
  11. The download was corrupted, so that pretty well answers my question, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it seemed like it was using the extra ram as it should, just the managing of storage seems to be problematic . My Firefox hung until I removed the extra ram and booted back to the using one. I guess I've just about used this motherboard as much as I can stretch it.
    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm sure in the future they will help with another system.
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