Screen turns black after several minutes

Hi, I have a problem, my monitor keeps going blank after working for aprox 10 min. The green light is on and the computer is working, it's just not displaying anything.

If I turn the monitor off or disconnect the cable (while the comp is on) and then reconnect or turn it back on it works for another 3-4 min and then goes blank again. I've checked the monitor on my other computer and it's working fine.

Has anyone encountered such a problem before? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Sounds like a video card (unless it's onboard video) issue, could be overheating. Try to get a temperature monitor during that 10 minutes that you have (e.g. Speedfan). Or, it could be a faulty video card.
  2. I've just tested my system with an old pci card and the same thing happens. So it's definitely not graphic cards fault (MSI 8600 GT). Any other ideas?
  3. try hooking monitor to the other PC.
    This will help you to see if your monitor is misbehaving from some other hardware/OS in you PC.

    If vice verso, try cleaning up all contacts on Motherboard with 100% alcohol and cotton sticks or use old tooth brush for AGP/PCI Express slots, and leave it to dry out for half hour or full hour.
    Notice only to disconnect power cord before you perform this action!!!

    This helper me once when I though my MB is dead ;)
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