Newb needs help reconfiguring current SSD setup

It is likely I will be a little over detailed here, but I need the help and want to provide all information that might be relevant. Sorry if I get a little over wordy.

When I started this build I ordered the 256GB Critical M4 MSATA SSD thinking I could use my 500GB SATA HDD as a file drive and run the OS, Games, and 3D rendering apps from the M4. Soon after ordering I noticed a thread detailing the limits of MSATA due to its PCI constraints. So I rethought my build. I ordered a 240GB Corsair Force GS SSD for my OS and applications and would use the M4 to store my system backups.

Now, with the OS and apps installed on the GS and the M4 for my back-ups, I am not satisfied. My drives are filling up to quickly. I guess I am used to having a lot of head room, seeing a new drive at half capacity after a couple weeks is just to much. So I ordered another GS and it arrived yesterday.

Yes.. TRIM active, system restore off, hibernate off.

This is what I think is my only option, suggestions welcome.. :cry: Please remember I have NO idea how to do this. :cry:

Could I put the two GS drives together in a RAID 0 configuration, configure the M4 as a file storage drive, and use the HDD as a hot swap to install my backups once a week.

Does this design make sense?
How do I do this? There a thousand threads but which to follow?
Will I need any special RAID drivers? Motherboard manual says to use USB but where do I get drivers?
I am sure I cannot save everything, but can I at least save the configurations for my apps like, Precision X (took me 2 days to get a good stable overclock), Steam, and all those $%# updates.

I have moved all docs and videos to the HDD in preparation but I do not know how to move or where to find anything else.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Maybe I should add a few more details.

    Motherboard is Maximus V Extreme with 3770k processor and 16gb mem.
    OS is Windows 7 Professional.
  2. Raid0 will require a clean install.
    Yes it will combine the two drives into one drive. Performance wise, will increse Sequencial performnce, but very little for Random 4 K and no improvement on access time.

    I use 2 SSDs, one as OS and one for Overflow/work space.
    You would be better off using one 240 drive for OS, and the other two for overflow (ie you can install programs to say D:), move your swap file to D: and Move c:\my docs to D"\my docs.

    Excluding games (not a gamer), my windows 7 installation only takes about 40 gigs on any one of my systems.

    I'd learn some "space" management.
    Just as a side comment since you have a tendency to fill up drives - make SURE you leave a MIN of 15% unused on SSDs (recommended free space is around 20->25%)
  3. RetiredChief said:
    Yes it will combine the two drives into one drive. Performance wise, will increse Sequencial performnce, but very little for Random 4 K and no improvement on access time.

    I am so used to junk that this system as it is is blowing my mind, I am not going to notice loss in random access. As for load times, I only restart my system when updates and maintenance require it, otherwise it is on 24/7.

    RetiredChief said:

    You would be better off using one 240 drive for OS, and the other two for overflow (ie you can install programs to say D:), move your swap file to D: and Move c:\my docs to D"\my docs.

    I installed steam on the D drive and thought I installed the games there as well, but using explorer I find the games on both drives, I am sure a shortcut is not going to take up more than a few kb so I am at a loss as to what happened.

    As for the 3d rendering software, on install it does not offer an install point, seems auto install to C. I am sure there is a way to move it but even saving the install package to the D drive and starting it there it installs to C.

    Swap File? Hmmm, there is a new one to look up... Any suggested reading, haven't the heart to ask for details if it is posted in a thread elsewhere.

    RetiredChief said:

    I'd learn some "space" management.

    LOL. Yea this is quite obvious isn’t it. I seem to make a mess of things when I move files around.

    Biggest problem is the error “the item that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?”

    After seeing that a few dozen times I gave up moving stuff.

    I remember the old days when you could set up a "source_path=" and be done... I'm just not up to date with the new processes I guess.
  4. I am sure the only way to clean this up is to do a clean reinstall.

    Would this be a better option than combining the 2 in a RAID 0 configuration?

    C:/ OS and 3D software (240gb)
    E:/ games/programs (240gb)
    F:/ documents/videos 3D files (256gb msata)

    to do this I assume I would have to create a “Programs” folder on E:/ drive and somehow set path= from C:/Program Files to E:/Program Flies. Then I guess I would create a shortcut on the desktop to access them right?

    I know the document and video folders can be set from their properties but the others cannot.

    I am starting to think I am making this more difficult than it really is.... anyone have a suggestion? I just want a clean reliable system, don’t care if it is raid or not. Fast is good but an SSD is fast as it is.

    I have two 240gb SSD and one 256gb msata SSD, plus the 500gb HDD I would rather use only when needed, my future plans don’t leave room for a HDD to remain in the system except for hot-swap or external USB or thunderbolt.

    Thank you for looking and any advice or suggestions you may have.

    edit: how do i disable smilies, this is rather ugly lol
  5. Easy one first, That is the way I'd set up 3 SSDs.

    On pagefile (virtual memory), Windows sets up a swap file on the HDD or SSD equal to 1 1/2 times your ram. ie 8 gigs of ram so windows wants to set up 12 gig swap file on C-drive.
    With 8 gigs, normally some recomend just set it to NONE, personally I recommend, with 8 gigs Ram, to set min and max both to 1024 mbs - this SAVES 11 Gigs of SSD space. Cavet, if you should ever get a out of memory error simply increace min and max to say 2048 mb (I have yet to get that error).

    Easy method:

    PS - you can move this from the "C-drive" by setting it to none, then change to d, e, or To HDD and set swap file to go to there. If swap file is set to a HDD vs SSD there is a very small performance hit.
    Personnaly by setting min and max both to 1024 mbs, 1 Gig on ssd is ok.
  6. Followed your advice. Installed new 240gb SSD and installed Win7, deleted and formatted the other 240gb SSD and set drive letter to D. Changed drive letter on 256gb SSD to E (only telling that for reference later).

    So, C has OS, all updates, antivirus, and firewall software. currently using 40gb (I am very pleased. I turn off hibernate, indexing, system restore, and defrag. not sure what to do about swapfile but I have 16gig memory.

    D will be set up for my Program installs once I finish reading these (many) threads about how to do it.

    E at the moment is housing all my docs, favorites, videos, links, and (I hope) the temp download directory (not sure if i have it right yet)

    Does this sound solid or should I make a few more changes?
  7. Quick question... Should I turn off indexing in the other drives as well or is that automatic through the OS?
  8. Indexing, not sure how critical that is to disable.

    On your swap file, I also have 16 gigs of ram, My recommendation is to follow steps in the link I provided. Set both Min and max to the same value, 1024 mb and leave on C:\. as 1 gig is neither here, nor their. Buy doing this you should recoup a 15+ gigs.

    My 40 gigs includes all my programs (NO games). For antivirus and firewall I'm using uSoft security suite. Then Router also has firewall.
  9. I was reading the other day that indexing causes unnecessary writes and for an SSD that is not what you want, said that an SSD is fast enough that you would not notice having indexing off. So I disabled on all drives.

    As you suggested I have reset the swapfile to 1024 max/min.

    I use Avast Internet Security (paid) for antivirus/firewall with firewall in router active as well but keep MBAM running too.

    Cannot believe the difference, thank you very much. I have a little ways left to go but this configuration is just perfect for what I want. My disk usage on C: is 29.3gig and she is fast as greased lightening. Ran the Windows Experience Index and she is 7.9 on everything except processor (7.8 there), a good indication something is right.

    Oorah Chief!!
  10. Glad to Help, ENJOY
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