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Hi all, I'm thinking of building a new gaming computer and I've thought of couple of components but I'm not sure if these are good 'combination' of hardware. Also keep in mind that this will be my 1st CrossFireX and fully liquid cooled computer(I've built many air cooled single gpu builds).Thanks for your help :)


cpu: intel i7 950

gpu: xfx ati radeon 6870 x2

ram: 6gb corsair dominator x2(12gb total)

psu: (I already own this) kingwin lazer 850w

boot drive: Mushkin Enhanced Callisto 40gb sataII

storage drive:Western Digital Caviar Black 1tb sataII

Full atx case:LOGISYS ikonik Computer with liquid cooler(out of stock)

cpu block:Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme

gpu block:EK Radeon HD 6870 x2

full board block:EK Gigabyte X58

os: win7 ultimate 64bit

keep in mind that I will OC to the limits :D
Thank you for your future help - Gabe.
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  1. 12GB is useless for gaming. Games don't use more than 4GB. This Mushkin kit is just as fast, costs less, and does not have tall heatsinks to interfere with your CPU cooler.

    Then you can get a better SSD:

    You need to forget the case and get real water cooling or stay with air.
    Rather than do the research, I'll give you some questions you need to ask yourself...
    How restrictive are the water blocks I'm getting?
    What kind of pump(s) will I need to achieve adequate GPM?
    I'm going to need 2 triple radiators... what kind of case will hold those or will I have to mount them externally?
  2. I agree with Prox, another thing like prox said, What rad are you going to use I mean I think water cooling is stupid unless you ABSOLUTELY know what your doing, if you have no clue about Wcing, you need to do some research before taking risk of installing wrong and then causing a leak or something.

    Anyway, terrible SSD, not that it's bad but for the size even for a boot drive, I recommend spending a couple bucks more for a 64gb. And another thing, I love Mushkin but their SSD's are decent but I recommend, for only 11$ more, getting a 64gb A-Data S599. That is a great budget drive and it's a SandForce controller as well.

    S599 review:

    Prox is correct, 12 gigs is overkill for JUST gaming, if you were vid editing or archiving alot sure 12 gigs or 8 gigs, but 12 gigs is just a stupid amount. Since LGA 1366 is Trip channel I recommend this ram kit, low timings great brand and pretty cheap for 6 gb.

    Mushkin Ridgeback 6 gigs:

    ^ That or just stick with your Dominators, just to notify you, you won't see the difference unless in benchmarks but the Mushkin is faster.

    EDIT: I just saw, this is your first WC build... You need WAY more experience than just I'm going to WC one day. You got to read up before you mess up, because just a leak will mean you just wasted your entire build. Soo.... I suggest going to the WC forum. Shadow2049 (Just know his name is Shadow) knows alot about WC, so does Rubix they should be able to help you.

    Terrible HDD. I realize yes it is SATA 6, but it's not a HUGE improvement from SATA 3, for saving money reasons, you could go with a Samsung F3 1TB for only 75$ (on sale usually at Egg for 55$) It's SATA 3 but you won't see the difference. Plus it's just as fast, the only reason WD made the Black in SATA 6 is because they revised the old SATA 3 Black's from a 320gb platter size to match up with the F3 500gb platter. So both are the same speed it's just the Samsung F3 is a better deal.

    Case.... Blehh..... You are better off spending 200$ on a Full tower and making rad setup by yourself. I mean that case is just UNREASONABLY EXPENSIVE. I recommend the Corsair Obsidian series or the Lian-Li full towers. But that's just me. And since you are doing such a large WC build, I recommend (like prox said) going with an External WC Rad. Since it'll be much.... better in the sense of space within a case.

    Case Rec:

    Corsair 800D:

    Lian-Li PC-P80:
  3. BTW I think you need to wait for Cayman and SB to get some experience on SB, jumping straight into this kind of build is going to be a bad idea.
  4. ^ Isn't that what I just posted? lol asside from the SSD
  5. Ohhh.... Nice.
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