MSI GTS 450 Thoughts

I am thinking of purchasing the following vid card.
I have been reading a lot of reviews and most of them say it is a really solid card, if only a bit overpriced. I just wanted to ask here to see if anyone is aware of any major problems or concerns regarding the gts 450. I am looking at it as an upgrade to my current 9600gt. Thanks.
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    Thats the cyclone, $120 after MIR doesn't seem overpriced, isn't the 450 supposed to be competetive with the 5750? They seem to be priced about the same and it's signifigantly cheaper than the 5770. I don't see why they would be dropping the price on the 450s any time soon.
  2. odd that link doesn't work either...
  3. Yeah, it is the gts 450 cyclone that I am thinking about.
  4. It is a ok card but at least it won't cook its vrm unlike their GTX 460 models with the same cooler and the hawk. Be sure if you do purchase this card or any card so that nothing is getting hot without you knowing. The core should be very cool compared to stock retail.
  5. Link worked for me, perhaps a temp bug?

    $145 before rebate, $125 after. People say its overpriced because look at this.

    Here is a 5770 that's $150 before rebate, and $135 after. Only $5 more if the rebate fails to come in, and $10 if you do get it. $10 for a better card is well worth it. Its not that the GTS450 is a bad card. Its simply priced to high. If you only want an NVidia card then the GTS450 is for you. But I tend to buy the best that my limited gaming budget allows, so I'd pick the 5770.
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