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Hello, all. I'm a little new to computers, or at least the hardware side of things. I'm thinking about getting a new graphics card (going from a 5770 to a 5850) and wondered if I should upgrade to a new psu as well?

I'm currently using this;

and considering going for this;

Is it worth it and would the new gpu and psu be compatible with my motherboard (gigabyte p55m-ud2?
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    Your current PSU is fine since it is 600w. Also, I just switched from a Cooler Master to a Seasonic due to the fact it didn't meet it's listed rating. Most Cooler Master PSU's are over rated by 50-100w. So your PSU would still be the same wattage even if you did change to the 700w Cooler Master.

    Don't upgrade the PSU unless you are going to run 2 graphics cards in Crossfire or your current PSU sucks. But 600w is good enough, and the manufacturer for the video card recommends only a 500w PSU. So if you have a normal system, not too many expansion cards or more than 3 hard drives, I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. I would definitely recommend an upgrade the X-Silent has an unstable 12v rail and no 8pin mobo power lead.
    If you ever go to a different mobo(most require 8pin)you're SOL with the X-Silence.
    An unstable 12v rail is scary!it's the most important rail that supplies power to your system components.
    A quality 650W unit will run 2x5850.
    XFX P1-650X-NLG9 XXX 650W Modular Power Supply -£71.96 Inc VAT
    Antec True Power New 650W Modular -£69.56 Inc VAT
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