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Hello, i have a WD elements external drive that has died on me, i'm trying to recover the data i have on there. I ran some software called testdisk and some other software i forgot the name of but was out of luck.

The noise the drive makes when i plug it in is like a scratching/whirring noise that doesn't quite get there and then eventually gives up. If i check in disk management (win7) i can see the drive there it shows up and tells me the name of the drive (WD ext HDD 1021 USB device) i have an option to right click and "Initialize disk" if i click it and on the following prompt try to initialize it with the master boot record partition i get the error "The media is write protected".

Would i have any luck connecting the drive via sata cable? I'm looking around on WD's site right now, if i can see the drive in disk management i'm thinking it looks like a physical failure with the drive? the heads or some component stopped working correctly? thx for your time.
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  1. Due to the noise I suspect mechanical damage which isn't going to get fixed by installing it internally. Sorry.
  2. . The drive may have failed. Test it with SeaTools for Windows:
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