Which MoBo is Better?

Hello Good Folks of Tom's,

It's been 5 years since I have not upgraded so I feel that I should keep up with the tech today and continue doing that until I die. :pt1cable:

Ok 2 MoBo's caught my eye:

Asus M4A87TD-EVO

There are a lot of feedbacks about ASRock not having boards as good as asus. The ASRock model listed above is newer(I will need newer parts because I'm not going to upgrade for 1 year) than the asus but people say that the asus board listed above overclocks greatly.And both boards have amazing features like express gate for asus and instant boot for asrock.

Yes I know I should Have listed the Asus M4A89GTD PRO but since I can't buy through the net I am limited to local Parts Dealers. Problem is that here in the Philippines there is a MASSIVE IMBALANCE of price for example the Palit GTX 460 768MB is $120 in the US it's $170-$200 here and The ASRock 890GX EXTREME 3 is just supposed to be just $10 cheaper than the Asus M4A89GTD, it's $80 higher here.

These are the only good MoBo's I saw there so no other choices.

I'm going to use The Phenom II X4 555 BE (They offer free unlocking so I expect it to be an X4), Geil 8gb 1333mhz of RAM, WD Caviar Blue SATA3 6GBPS 1TB,Palit GTX 460 768MB Sonic Platinum.

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  1. First off instant boot and express gate are worthless IMO a fast hard drive or SSD can have you in your OS in less then 1 min. I have used ASUS for years and never had a problem with any of their boards always very stable and OCs very good. I had built an econo box for my girl back in the summer with an Asrock board and I was very pleased with it. The cheap Asrock board I had gotten for her managed to unlock an Athlon x3 into a quad and even overclocked it to 3.5Ghz with little problem. Personally though I would go with the ASUS board, but thats just me.
  2. i would definitely go with the asrock....asrock is part of asus so dont worry about quality. I had an asrock 880g extreme3 and it was awesome with 2 5770's and a revodrive!

    it can also do 3x crossfire! so it should be a no brainer....
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