No boot unless CMOS is cleared, ASUS P6T SE


System specs:
i7 950 @stock
Asus P6T SE mobo
Radeon HD5870
Antec earthwatts 650w green

My computer wont boot sometimes(!)(no video signal, mouse and keyboard leds off) I recently changed the mobo because I thought a leaking capacitor was causing my problems.
With the new mobo installed it still wont boot most of the time, the only thing that seems to work is CMOS clearance but I have to do this every single time.

When the system boots I can run all my games just fine and temperatures of all components stay in the normal ranges..

Does this sound like a bad PSU problem?
And if it is a bad PSU, how come Clear CMOS makes it boot and work just fine?
Will I eventually trash my system if I keep doing this?
I might also add that I am using an ungrounded power socket.
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  1. it indeed sounds like a bad PSU. i dont think that it being ungrounded would make that much trouble. i would chunk it and get a new one.
  2. Howcome the computer does boot when i clear CMOS?
  3. do you have any programs that overclock when you boot up your computer like afterburner or overdrive?
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