Buying A SDD For My Laptop. I'm a Noob

I'm a noob when it comes to SDD's and HDD's so please bare with me.

Also sorry for all the spelling errors :)

OS: Windows 7 home premuim 64 bit
Laptop: Asus G75VW
HDD: 900GB

This is the one I've been looking at.
SDD: Samsung Electronics 840 Pro Series 2.5-Inch 256 GB SATA 6GB/s Solid State Drive MZ-7PD256BW

I have no idea whats good about it other than theres a lot of big numbers for IOPS Read/Write.

Q1: When it comes to speed of a SDD what should I be looking for?

Q2: Is it hard to clone my current HDD containing windows over to the new SDD?

Q3: Can I have it so my SDD holds the OS and the programs of my pc? Then have all the other files point to my HDD? ( Downloads, document, stuff like that )

That's about it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
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  1. From a quick web search, it seems that your Asus G75VW has a mSATA slot, you may want to fill that, otherwise you'd have to replace your HDD.
    I would doubt that a lappy would have a second HDD bay, but if it did, your ssd would work.
    Q1: You should be looking at 500mb/s+ read, write speeds.
    Q2: not sure
    Q3: yes, easily. just from the "my computer" folder
  2. The Samsung Pro is the industry leader, but any from Micron, Intel or OCZ will do.

    any SSD -Solid State Drive (not SDD) will be faster than what you've ever seen from a HDD, so the numbers really don't mean a thing unless you have mission critical applications. Cloning can be done but is not recommended. You should install fresh to the SSD the OS, motherboard drivers (chipset, video, network, etc), then all windows updates, then all your programs.
  3. 1. The speed limit is not the ssd but the sata 2 connecter in your laptop.
    2. It's not hard, just get some good coning software and fallow the directions. You can buy it or there's free one also.
    3. You laptop can only fit one drive either the ssd or hhd. The hhd can be put into an enclosure and truned into a external hard drive.
  4. My laptop has two ports for HDD or SDD. I have had two HDD plugged in and it just gave the over one a different drive letter. Acted like an external drive. So I plan on using the SDD as the main drive for the os and the old HDD for storage of movies, pictures, downloads and random stuff like that.
  5. make sure you only have the SSD installed when installing the OS
  6. I'd recommend cloning your old HDD to your SSD. That way you have the necessary drivers to run your laptop. ASUS is probably OK, but with some brands you may find yourself missing a needed driver and have an awful time finding one.

    My HP required extensive searching for an updated network driver. I finally found it on some eastern European company's site. It worked fine, but I can't help but fell I got lucky. HP was zero help.
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