GTX560 and GT240 on 585W PSU?

I have $400 to spend on upgrading from this:
CPU: Intel i5-760(Not overclocked)
Motherboard: MSI P55-GD65
RAM: 2x 2gb Kingston DDR3 1333mHz
HDD: 2x 80GB Western Digital Black(RAID 0), 1x 500GB Seagate 7200RPM HDD
Graphics Card: Zotac GT240 1GB GDDR5 low-profile
Power Supply: Gigabyte ODIN 585(585 Watts)

Note: I only bought this 3 months ago

Now my questions are these:
1. Can I use this to run a GTX560 and GT240(Dedicated PhysX) at the same time?
2. Should I rather go GTX570 and drop the GT240?
3. Or should I wait 'till GTX560 prices drop and get a bigger Power Supply along with it?

Do note! I live in South Africa and prices usually range from 1.3x as much to sometimes 1.6x as much! And lower prices only come through very late: GTX460 price drops from a bunch of months ago only now start to apply here. A Sparkle GTX460 1GB GDDR5 curently costs $276!! Before it cost $336! Its an effin nightmare to buy a PC here. Or anything else for that matter!
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  1. I would strongly recommend that you change out the psu.
    You would be guessing by saying your unit is 585W.
    From my research regarding the ODIN psu's like the Superb(subpar).
    I would translate that to your psu since reviews are non-existent and Gigabyte's website omits power specs from the ODIN and Superb models.
    If you check out the other higher end models those specs are included.
    Also the Plus,Pro,GT,and Sumo models all include this info and web reviews are plentiful.
    Shop for products 600-650W from Antec,Corsair,Seasonic for quality and reliability.
  2. Yep, if I upgrade I will most probably go Corsair. I only took the ODIN 585 because it fitted my needs at that point, and was not expensive at all. And I didn't expect to upgrade again so early. I have no problems with it(obviously?). Never becomes hot, sleeved cables. etc, it is enough at this point. But... upgrading with it?
  3. I think you'll have to upgrade the psu sooner then later.
    Another problem is your unit only has one 6pin pcie connector.
    Higher end gpu's require 2 6pin pcie power leads.
    And that includes GTX gpu's.
  4. I know THAT. Sparkle always includes a 2x molex connector => 6-pin pci. Which was what I intended to do at first. Not that that would be needed anymore though!

    I'm thinking somehwere to the Corsair Gaming Series GS700 or so. But I'll have to try and find it first.
  5. Ooh! YAY! Thanks alot man! :) Appreciate it,
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