Cannot move items from "dead" HDD

So I have an interesting problem, I had a secondary HDD where I would store all my games and recently it made it caused my computer to start locking up. I fixed that problem by removing the drive.

The problem is, I can see what is on the drive, but I can't access it or remove, even right clicking on a file causes my computer to lock up temporarily. I was wondering if anyone knows of a program I can use to transfer all those files? I'm unable to use my Keyboard or Mouse outside of Windows so anything that I can actually install would help, I'll gladly do it through Linux even.

If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it, I don't want ot have to start all my games over again. =(
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  1. You can try one of the Linux distros.

    For a little more money, you could try plugging the drive into a USB interface.
  2. Have you run the diagnostics software from the manufacturer of the hard drive? That would be my first step. If it's really "dead" no matter what software you run you won't be able to read it. Try to fix it first....
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