Laptop boots then shuts down after a few sec/min

Hey guys,

So I dropped my Asus EEE PC T101MT and the screen was cracked. That was months ago. It still works but not the touchscreen. I didnt not install an antivirus program and Im sure a lot of files have been corrupted and its very slow.

I used it for a couple of hours and then shut it down because it was so darn slow. Then the other day, I wanted to do a reformat. I turned it on and it got to the login screen and then it shut down. I turned it on again to open the BIOS settings so I can reboot it with my external drive for the OS installer but before I could save the new boot priority configuration, it shut down again! One time, I was able to make it to the "Windows loading files" part of installing but it turned off again.

So I gave it a rest for like 5 hours and I turned it on. I let it start normally. Got to the desktop and I copied some of my docs to the Drive D. Went on for a good few minutes, 5-10 minutes I guess but then it shut down again.

I really dont know whats wrong. Even if I try to reformat it, it shuts down while on process.

Is this a hardware problem? Or maybe some drivers are just really messed up.
Any ideas guys?
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  1. "Is this a hardware problem?"

    Definitely. Messed up drivers wouldn't cause it to shut down, especially when in BIOS Setup.
  2. So, if the BIOS settings is incompatible, this random shutting down still wouldnt happen?

    I was thinking something inside is overheating since if I let it rest for hours, it boots further, there was this time I got to the desktop for a few minutes.
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    It sounds like overheating, when it dropped a fan could have gotten knocked loose, or a cable to a fan. If you point a fan at the laptop vents you should be able to have it on long enough to copy the files from it. Or just take out the hard drive.
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  5. Im.too facing the same problem wat could I do...
    Laptop normally shuts down then wen I restart it shuts down automatically after sometime
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