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Will a 5770 1gb be able to Run Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Direct x 11 at full settings with out AA and without lag at 1600*1200? Computer Specs are Motherboard Gigabyte 890FX CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.6ghz Corsair 650W
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  1. Erm, Maybe not maxed out without lag, and on DX11 is pushin it. I had a 5770 and played crysis on high settings same resoultion, no AA but still jumped a bit maybe 20-25fps, BBC2 has similar requirements so I doubt youl get that much.

    However your CPU is powerful and so is your PSU.

    If you want to play at the settings you mentioned id upgrade your GPU to a 5870 or 5970 is you want to pt your hand in your pocket. I just got a 5970 but my CPU is only like yours but 2.8GHz, whereas your CPU will allow a 5870 or 5970 to really push itself.

    For comparison Crysis - 5970 All maxed out 8xAA 1680x1020 rarely drops below 30fps useually hovers around 40-50 fps. It would be similar on BBC2 so a 5770 wouldnt be enough. Youl be able to play it well on slightly lower settings but not maxed out I shouldnt think.

    Hope this helps for comparison.
  2. Forget a newer card., Just overclock the *** out of it, I overclocked mine, not much and ran Unigine Heaven, I got about the same score with tesselation ON that the one i got with stock clocks and tesselqation OFF. Go ahead, overclock the *** out of your card but watch the temps... Your PSu is beefy enough to overclock it, Have fun
  3. AT 1680 x 1050 you should be getting around 30-40 fps max.
  4. how would a single GTX 460 768mb do instead, Would it do a little better or about the same? i just need something to last me till ATI 6000 series comes out i can wait just playing BBC 2 and medal of honor when it comes out so when it 6000 series comes out i can crossfire it on my motherboard
  5. the new cards will be out a month or two, dont spend $ on a "temporary card if your just planning on upgrading soon"
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