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When purchasing my memory sticks it was cheaper to get a patriot triple channel kit over any dual memory chips. i have an Asus P8P67 MOBO and Patriot viper II sector 7 DDR3 1600M MHz 3x4gb... i was wonder what to do with my third stick... should i just put it on the mobo or should i sell it would it effect my performance in anyway???

thanks for any help in advance
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  1. Scary how pricing goes crazy, isn't it? I guess they dropped the price because they don't sell a whole lot of triple channel RAM.

    There is no difference between the DIMMs in a triple kit vs a double. You can use two DIMMs from the kit with no problem at all.

    Some (most?) motherboards will let you use the third DIMM, but it will usually slow things down (by forcing the motherboard into single channel operation when using the lone DIMM).

    I'd sell it, or keep it as a spare.
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    As using all three is not recommended, I'd keep the 3rd one for replacement if one of your sticks ever stops working, or in the future - if you find a good deal - buy the 4th one. You won't sell it for much anyway :)
  3. i paid 55$ for the kit so i think ill just keep the extra stick and see if i suffice with 8gb ram if not ill probably buy a single

    would getting a different brand but same specs not be recommended if i chose to pick up a 4th stick?
  4. Definitely not recommended. Your 4th stick must be as identical as possible with your other 3.
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  6. Thank you!
  7. thanks for the help buddy
  8. It'll work, you kill Dual Channel with a ~1% loss - no big deal unless you're the Borg. The older DDR/DDR2 sure bigger difference IF the MOBO didn't kill the unbalanced Channel to keep each Channel equal.
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