Graphics Card upgrade need help.

Hi I'm planning on buying my brother a new graphics card for his birthday.
His current graphics card is an nvidia 8600GTS.

I can't decide if i want to get him an:

ASUS EAH4870/2DI/1GD5 Radeon HD 4870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
for $135. ($105 with rebate)

or a:

EVGA 768-P3-1362-TR GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) Superclocked 768MB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
for $190. ($180 with rebate)

I am not concerned about DX10 or DX11.
I do not plan on doing Crossfire or SLI with either.
I simply care about bang for the buck.

Which would be the better buy?
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  1. Raw HP for the dollar the HD4870 but economy and power wise the GTX460.
  2. Honestly, ive always bought ATI so I would go for the 4870 - tend to get more performance for your money. If you arent concerned between DX10-11 then go for the 4870 - the other similar ati card is 5770 at same price but it has more DX11 support however it struggles to cope with DX11 games whereas your brother will get better overall performance from the 4870.

    What processor does he have AMD or Intel ?? and what is the power supply becasue you may need to upgrade that if its low like 300-350W
  3. Bang for buck there is nothing better than the 4870 in today's market. The only issue with buying the 4870 today is it will probably be phased out soon, so later on down the road if you want to upgrade you will have to buy a brand new card, instead of crossfire. But since you don't care about that, I would definitely opt for the 4870.
  4. What games is he mostly playing?
  5. What is your current Power Supply make and model?

    The HD 4870 consumes roughly 125w - 130w of power under typical gaming conditions.

    If you have a superior PSU brand like Seasonic, then a 450w will be fine. Anything else I would recommend a 500w PSU. Of course it also depends on what else is in the PC.

    Seasonic also manufacture certain models for Corsair, Antec, PC Power & Cooling and all models (to the best of my knowledge) XFX; who recently got into the PSU business.
  6. Man... I don't see why is everyone suggesting 4870 without mentioning any cons of GTX fermi 460 and lol I mostly prefer nvidia cards.

    Here you can see the performance differences between a GTX 260(Black) and a HD 4870.Well although it shows HD 4870 gives better performance/price,the GTX 260(Black)(not much of difference) performed better thn the ATI.

    Now we know GTX 460 fermi packs 336 CUDA cores and uses the *same architecture* but the GTX 260 only has 216 cores.Thus the flops stands as follows
    GTX 460 fermi ~907GFlops
    GTX 260(stock)~536GFlops
    which is a great impact.So by associativity we can say GTX460 Fermi>GTX 260>HD 4870.
    Please give in detail pros and cons before suggesting any of 460 or 4870 coz it'll be helpful for me too :)

    Note:GTX 460 requires 450W PSUs so it would be better if u already have say 500W PSUs
  7. Anik8 said:
    Man... I don't see why is everyone suggesting 4870 without mentioning any cons of GTX fermi 460 and lol I mostly prefer nvidia cards.

    well. maybe because OP was asking for best bang for the buck? There are $75 difference for 15-20% performance gain.

    It would make difference if 4870 is a bad card, but its not, if both cards can complete similar tasks, and are indeed in the similar class (,2697-7.html ), why spend $75 more if you dont have to?
  8. ur rite in dat respect but please don't isolate the 460 Fermi dats wat I really mean.
  9. We don't mention any cons of the GTX460 because there really aren't many to speak of. In fact, I just bought one for my own machine because I loved it so much. But hes asking for the best value, and as it stands, the 4870 is the best value, because while its not the most powerful card, it is ridiculously cheap in comparison to other cards in it's tier. Just look at Tom's graphics card hierarchy, you'll see the 4870 placed in the same tier as the 460. Every other card in that tier is $150US or more, while the 4870 is around $130 before any rebates.
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