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Best Memory for Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX & AMD Phenom II 965 Processor

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October 11, 2011 4:32:24 AM

Ok, I have been reading alot of threads on here, as well as reviews. This is my first full build unaccompanied. I know what I am doing, considering I have had to upgrade or replace every component in my computers over the years, and well, I have researched my @$$ off. Now, While I have about a months before my resources are marshaled, I am looking to get this Mobo and this Proc. That is, if AMD doesn't suddenly release AM3+.

Now, the question here is, I have read several of the following statements here, and am wondering how often they happen (like, only some boards have that problem, it is a general chipset problem, etc.), and what memory is best for this mobo+proc setup. I am looking at the 8g range, and want to occupy all 4 channels, unless i am told that 16g would be better for gaming ( I know that more ram isn't always better in some cases, especially in the past year or so).

1) A recent AMD chipset has trouble with memory over DDR3 1600.
2) Certain Chipset/Processor combos require the memory to run at a certain voltage, or else (memory/mobo component/processor) isn't stable or will fry.

Now, as I said, I feel I am a fairly knowledgeable person. However, this is the first box, as I said, i have put together on my own from scratch. I have tried to find the answer here, and my search-fu either isn't all that good, or this hasn't been directly answered.

Thanks for your time.

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October 11, 2011 4:02:44 PM

OK well as for voltages those are generally people overlocking and playing over higher stock voltages generally there own stuff up. As to what is supported generally Asus website under memory support they will recommend here if i where to recommend i would get either 2 X 4GB Ram or 2 X 2GB Ram either or Corsair Dominator GT RAM set or KIngston Hyper X Grey Series. As far as issues go with memory over 1600MHZ im not to sure to this speculation i do not think that true, unless there was a very particular chipset that gave config issues in that case try stay away from that particular series of chipset. Also maybe if you can hang on till next year and invest in the newer AMDS as they will be arriving very shortly.
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