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>$500 Moderate Gaming/ Audio/Video Production Build

So, I'm buidling this around Thanksgiving/Christmas for the best deals and when I'll have the money to buy it.
It is going to be mainly used for Audio/video production but also moderate gaming (WoW Cataclysm/CoD.)
Heres the build (Tell me what you think):

Motherboard: Entry level AsRock

GPU: Radeon HD 5770 by XFX for Double Lifetime Warranty

PSU: OCZ 700W Modular PSU

Memory: Corsair Dual Channel 4gb (2x2Gb)

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 640 3.0 Ghz

Totaled to about $450
with MIR= $410

10 bucks over, I'm totally fine with that.
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  1. Umm, you're amazing? haha oh also i found a Phenom x4 3.0 I would get the extra L3 6MB of cache....but is that worth having to get new ram and a cpu fan (it's OEM). The cpu is 10 bucks cheaper...
  2. No I actually found a better deal.
    The ASUS Evo- with 4gb A-data gaming series ddr3 for $130....i know...

    and should i get a better cooler for my CPU?
  3. No I actually found a better deal.
    The ASUS Evo- with 4gb A-data gaming series ddr3 for $130....i know...

    and should i get a better cooler for my CPU?
  4. ^ No need ta double post sir....

    And I'm so confused at what you want to do with this build... Your first choice is Asrock, then you say gigabyte all the way, then its asus? What do you want to do?
  5. That was an accident sorry. It wont let me delete. And i picked ASUS because it had the best deal, like incredible.
  6. Ermm.... I mean as good as that is what CPU do you want exactly? I confused right now because you wanted a Propus then next thing it was a Phenom, so which is your pick right now?

    Also video production and editing... Do you want it to be able to perform those tasks? Or run it effectively enough so it's not a waiting time when you apply things like SFX and FX?
  7. I want it to do both...I'm just adding gaming as a bonus, and they aren't very intensive games. So i'm not sure which to get warranty wise or anything. Suggestions?
  8. If by warranty you mean actually BUYING it from Newegg.. That's just stupid, AMD's warranty is just fine. Any companies for that matter. Umm... As for the CPU... games are more on GPU unless your playing SC2. I think going with the Phenom will be a better bet. But you won't get SUPER fast applications that's for sure. May I ask what video editing software? IF you your using Adobe Premiere, wrong choice for the GPU.

    1) If your using Adobe premiere, because of the Mercury engine, Nvidia cards utilize the Cuda and edit the stuff faster than say using an i7 980X w/ a 460 than a 980X w/ 5770. So if you are using premiere look at the 460 768mb vers. There all in the same price range, the 460 has better perf though. And judging by your budget, I don't expect you to SLI this build.

    2) Video editing is very CPU intensive, like PS5. Don't expect the Phenoms or the Athlon X4's to be able to edit very fast is all i can say. You can edit better with the Phenoms (since I use Adobe Premiere) but you won't apply effects as fast as you'd like. I mean it's bearable, but kind of slow. So... If you could add a little more to the budget, I suggest going for a 1055T, it has a much faster Video editing ability than the deneb or propus.
  9. Haha I kinda went overkill for gaming in reality because even with the new expansion my computer is going to blaze through WoW. And as for editing, I probably will think it's be fast regardless because for 5 years I've been using an Intel Celeron with 1gb of ram and a Geforce 6200...I only spent a couple hundred on this build. But I don't think a 6 core fits in my budget just yet, besides this will be my first build where I actually want to game, so I'm willing to go with the Phenom II x4 3.0 Black Edition Deneb for now.. quick question, I'm pretty sure it is, but is the Phenom I want compatible with the Asus Evo because it seems like they are, but the Evo only says AM3 but the Phenom is AM2+
  10. Don't get that Phenom I, get the Athlon II X4.
  11. Why? The CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition 940 3.0 Ghz
    has extra cache so in the long run it should be more efficient no?
  12. OH the 940, ummm it's not the cache, but it's of the older gen of AM2+. So... Know go with the the Athlon. If you can spend some extra money though buy the newer Phenoms of the 945 or 955. But otherwise no get the Athlon. The difference is not the cache that matters, it is the architecture.
  13. What makes the AM2+ version worse??
    This shows the Phenom II x4 Like significantly better.
  15. It's not bad.... Think of it like this, AM2+ is outdated, no more updates will come out for it. So if you ever want to upgrade past the 940, you have no room to upgrade. If you go with the Athlon X4, your on the newest socket of AM3, you have USB 3 and SATA 6 support as well as constant cpu updates, IE the 970/1075T both are examples that AMD is still updating the AM3 platform. Plus with AM2+ you don't even have DDR3 support.
  16. Okay, here my final build. And Yeah I went with Propus because I don't think the L3 is worth downgrading the ram and my motherboard. Here it is! rate it scale 1-10:

    Motherboard: ASUS EVO

    GPU: Radeon HD 5770 by XFX for Double Lifetime Warranty

    PSU: OCZ 700W Modular PSU

    Memory: A-Data Gaming Series

    CPU: AMD Athlon x4 Propus 3.0 ghz

    CPU Fan: Rosewill RCX-Z1

    Totaled to about $480
    with MIR= $420
  17. Rather than getting that cooler, which is basically like the stock AMD cooler, this cooler is almost the same price and MUCH better cooling. Only 25$ right now!
  18. Okay added on to cart. Thanks a lot. But what do you think on a scale of 1-10?
  19. The build or the cooler?
  20. The build haha
  21. I am also looking to build a computer in the budget range. Have you read the reviews for that memory. If you spend another $10 and get better ram you might save yourself a lot of problems!
  22. The reviews are fine. Besides, I'm not planning on overclocking and a data is very reliable regardless of the fact that they have a lifetime warranty
  23. Not really... 10$ more on the ram would only get him lower Cas Latency ram... That only matters if he is runnings servers, or programming, which he is doing neither.. Plus its not like anybody cars about MEMORY benchmarks... who really cares about those....

    A-Data is a solid company, they may have a bad rep like Asrock did but they've really improved. They used to be Tom's memory supplier when Tom's was still pretty small. And their SSD's are really great too, comparable to the OCZ greats.
  24. So final verdict. on a 1-10. to me of course i give it a 10 for effort. But id like to see what you think, because i see it has great potential for upgrade and etc.
  25. Best answer
    Oh umm.... I'd say 8-10... The reason being for what your budget was you got a lot out of it.
  26. Haha awesome thanks man for all of your help!!! You were great.
  27. No problem, good luck with the build.
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  29. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
  30. Finished it Saturday the 4th. Total cost $530.81
    Mobo: ASUS evo m790x
    Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2gb ddr3
    Graphics: XFX radeon hd 5770 1 gb ddr5
    PSU: corsair tx650W
    Case: ULTRA Gladiator
    CPU cooler: hyper 212 plus-stock TIM
    Fans: 2x120mm blue led apevia/ 1x120mm red led rosewill
    Runs like a beast. Super cool at load temp 30c because ofthe cold temps of the season xD but I'm guessing 45 c will be max. All games at ultra with 60+ FpS.
    It's all I've ever wanted!!
    Old harddrive
    Could've got a better case but its still purty
  31. Grats!
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