Amd phenom 2 or athlon 2 x4

which of these qud cores are good for gaming

amd athlon ii x4

amd phenom ii x4

i know the phenoms are a little more expensive my old pc had an athlon x2 i cant remember if it was a athlon 2 though

im looking for an amd motherboard that supports ddr2 and ddr3 preferably asus as alot of asus motherboards have surge protection etc

please suggest motherboards for me thanks
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  1. The Phenom has the upper hand in gaming. If you are planning a crossfire setup then look for AMD 890GX or FX chipset. For single GPU AMD 870 or 880G chipset. Those boards will support DDR3 ram. Boards supporting both DDR2 and DDR3 can not run both types at the same time.
  2. ok u got any links to ddr2/ddr3 mobo, i found an amd phenom 2 x4 here is it good ? or do u know any good places i can pick up an x4 from 70-90 pounds
  3. That's the cheapest I have seen but it is without a cooler. AMD board that support both
  4. The Phenom X4 840 is an athlon that AMD renamed (there is no L3 Cache) prior to this chip all Phenoms had L3 cache and athlons don't
  5. is an l3 cache important
  6. rolli59 said:
    That's the cheapest I have seen but it is without a cooler. AMD board that support both

    is that motherboard any good im always a bit cautious of prices like £30 for this mobo yet u get some for £400 is this worth buying or will it just break on me
  7. The motherboard should not break but it has a low range chipset and I personally would get a board with the chipset's I listed in my first post. Well not having L3 cache makes it a fake Phenom that will perform on level with Athlon II at the same core speed.
  8. have u got a link to those boards u posted earlier cos im new to this stuff
  9. You can brows through them here
    My favorite brands are Asus, Gigabyte and MSI in no particular order.
  10. but if i want a athlon 2 or phenom 2 x4 dnt i need a am3 chipset and the chipset has to be compatible with my ddr2 ram
  11. There are some good boards like this one but it is an older chipset.
  12. ok i decided on this motherboard

    as its cheap and has good reviews :)

    now sohuld i buy a phenom 2 x4 or an athlon 2 x4 to play cataclysm
  13. ok ive deicded to buy



    and will my corsiar hx 650w psu run it fine including my geforce 8800gt?

    is the above all compatible and will the ddr2 ram i nmy old pc work :)
  14. Yes it is all compatible.
  15. ok its all compatible will my 650w psu run it fine if yes im going to buy these
  16. Yes its fine
  17. ok thanks i have bought those 2 items now :)
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