Asus Maximus IV Extreme-V -- Repeated Splash Screen

I just today built my new gaming rig with an Asus Maximus IV Extreme-V and am having an issue with it booting. When I turn it on, it shows the Republic of Gamers splash screen, then says "No hard drives detected!" then reboots. Next, it shows the splash screen again, then lists the hard drive. Then once more it reboots, shows the splash screen again, and finally gets into Windows 7. Anyone have any idea what could cause this?

CPU: Intel i7-2600k
MoBo: Asus Maximus IV Extreme-V
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600, 16GB
PSU: Corsair AX850

Thanks for any help, guys!
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  1. Is your drive a HDD or SSD? What port is the drive connected to?
  2. At a guess, you are seeing an irrelevant message relating to one of the secondary storage controllers. As well as the six SATA ports provided by the Intel Z68 chip set, there are two ports provided by a Marvell 9182 and another two (eSATA) by a JMicron JMB362. I suspect the message is coming from the Marvell controller.

    I don't think it's rebooting - I think it's showing the splash screen, interrupted by the appearance of the Marvell message, restores the splash, shows the discovery of the drive, etc.

    You could disable the Marvell controller and see if that gets rid of the message.
  3. That's a good suggestion, thanks compulsivebuilder.

    Dereck47, It's an SSD connected to SATA6G_1.
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