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Data recovery from overwritten/replaced file

i am overwritten a photos
how can recover it
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    You may not be able to if it/they have been overwritten, but try one of these free file recovery solutions:
  2. Go to the folder you had it in, right click - choose properties - select "previous versions" tab. See if it is in there.

    You could also try Recuva from Piriform.

    (This is assuming windows 7/8)
  3. As everyone says, the rewritten data can be recovered difficultly. But, you also can try to recover your data back for free at the aid of a free data recovery utility. It is really worth a shot.
    You should learn a lesson to back up your important data as possible as you can.
  4. I am sorry to tell you that the overwritten or replaced file is often irrecoverable.
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