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Hello,I`ve recently replaced the oem HDD on my Macbook Pro with a new SSD.The process was pretty straightforward.I have a regular backup on an Iomega HDD(Time Machine)and all I had to do was replace my HDD with the new SSD and then use Super Duper to transfer all files and OS...job done!
Is there such a simple,straightforward way to achieve this on my Windows 7 PC?
I`ve recently bought a Crucial M4 256gb SSD and would like to completely replace my current 160gb HDD which has my Windows installation and a few old files which I can transfer or delete....there is about 55% capacity being used.I have 2 other HDD in my PC,a 750gb
internal HDD and a 1Tb usb external drive which I use for my weekly back ups.Can anyone help me with the simplest way to transfer/clone the 160gb drive to my new SSD?
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  1. The SSD either came with a clone program or you can download one from Crucial. Just connect the ssd to an sata port and clone/copy the HDD to it, disconnect the hdd, change the boot order if needed and boot from the ssd.
  2. Thanks for that...I found that the Crucial forum seemed to reccommend Macrium Reflect.I used this program to clone my HDD to the new SSD removed my HDD and the PC automatically booted from the new SSD.I then enabled AHCI using the regedit tool,reset the Superfetch and Prefetcher to 0 and then extended the volume using Disk Management as the new SSD wasn`t showing its full capacity...all in all took about 2 hours,very pleased with the result
  3. Ended up with this result..AS SSD Benchmark 1.7.4739.38088
    Name: M4-CT256M4SSD2 ATA Device
    Firmware: 040H
    Controller: msahci
    Offset: 103424 K - OK
    Size: 238.47 GB
    Date: 24/02/2013 18:15:31
    Read: 255.45 MB/s
    Write: 216.68 MB/s
    Read: 15.61 MB/s
    Write: 39.43 MB/s
    Read: 152.85 MB/s
    Write: 94.37 MB/s
    Access Times:
    Read: 0.157 ms
    Write: 0.526 ms
    Read: 194
    Write: 155
    Total: 452
    ................................................not sure if this can be bettered?Thanks,David
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Some may say, the transfer rates could be better, but you would not notice the difference. What you see is the Access Times that got reduced by the factor 100 compared to a hdd.
  5. Thanks for your help,made the job a lot easier :) David
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