Suggestions on case ~$50

Can anyone suggest a case (preferably from with tool less assembly) that is ~$50 with good airflow and durability.
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    The obvious choice I guess would be the Antec Three Hundred Black currently at $45 AR with free shipping.

    Another to consider (though I would and have chosen the Antec) is NZXT M59 also at $45 AR with a $3 shipping.
  2. Antec 300
  3. +2 Antec 300
  4. HEC Blitz $35 with free shipping . I've used the case in a couple of builds and it's decent for the price.
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  6. +3 Antec 300 is awesome for that price.
  7. Antec is no longer available at that price as of I believe 11am today. :(

    If anyone can find it again at that price please feel free to send me a message. I only decided today that I was for sure going to build a new rig, and that case at that price is what I would have went with.

    so +4, but no more $44.95...that I know of...
  8. Newegg sale is over.

    The lowest price I see is at $49.99 + $9.66 shipping.
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