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Gtx 460 need your opinion

Hey guys, I recently picked up an Asus 1 GB GTX 460. It's overclocked to 845 core 1690 shader and 2200 memory. Everything runs stable, but it seems to me like I'm getting lower FPS than I should. In BC2, I get 30-50 FPS in dx11 at 1680x1050 and full settings, and 15-30 fps in Crysis at the same resolution with most things turned down to medium/high. Just wondering if anyone else with this card could provide some insight as to whether this is, as i suspect, a little slow for the 460.

My system specs are:
Phenom 9550 2.2Ghz quad
6 gb ddr2 800
Win7 x64
Thanks in advance,

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  1. The clock for that phenom is really quite low, and is likely the bottleneck. Can you oc it to say 3ghz?
  2. Your CPU is definitely bottlenecking you. Oc to 3ghz like jryan said and you'll get a huge bump
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    Didn't take long to run into another "bottleneck" thread. But at least it does apply here!

    Like jryan388 said, that Phenom is clocked considerably low. It will help heaps if you get it over 3.0GHz but anything higher than that will likely see minimal improvements. What I would do, just to see if overclocking would actually help, is run benchmarks with the CPU when clocked at 2.4, 2.7, and 3.0GHz and see how much improvement you'll achieve. If there's only a small jump of improvement between 2.7 and 3.0GHz, I'd keep the CPU at 2.7GHz just so you don't have to deal with heat issues, especially if you're using a stock heatsink.
  4. Clock speed and per core performance are just to low with that cpu.
    But there is good news, you can buy a 100 dollar AMD am3 cpu for your m/b possibly.
    Maybe one of the new ones just introduced.
    The Phenom II X2 560BE is an 80W dual-core clocked at 3.3GHz and it should go for $105, which sounds like a quite reasonable deal.

    In addition to Phenom series processors, AMD also introduced a new Athlon and apparently dropped the price of some older models. The Athlon II X3 450, originally spotted in August, is now shipping at $87, which sounds like a very good deal for a 3.2GHz tri-core
  5. Awesome guys I'll get on that ASAP. I've been thinking of CPU OC, but I'm terrified of going anywhere near 3.0 Ghz with the stock cooler because I hear the 65 nm phenoms get nice and hot. Now to weigh new cooler vs. new cpu options.

    Either way,

    Thanks a bunch
  6. /\
    That's what I've heard. Is it even worth trying? I'm definitely down to throw a nice heatsink at it since it's something I can reuse once I do get a new core. I just spent a nice chunk of change on the gtx460 and new psu so it'd be cool to get a little more out of the little phenom
  7. Yeah it's the last vestige of the last prebuilt box that I bought. Ah well, BC2 runs smooth enough so I'll be alright till it's new CPU time. Lookin at this guy

    Thanks again everyone,

  8. It was an HP, but surprisingly it was unlocked. Picked me up a new cooler and off to overclock land I go .Currently sitting at 2543 Mhz at 1.296 V under 100 percent load. One question for anyone that decides to check back though. I'm watching the temps while it's stress testing, and they seem to occasionally bounce between 42 and 47 degrees celcius. Is this something to worry about?
  9. Awesome. Then further I go. I'll post up what i get to
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    stable at 2.75 at 100 percent load :D
  12. Have you been doing benchmarks?
  13. Yes sir. The limit looks like 2.75, it refuses to go any higher so I'm gonna keep it there. Sits at 50 degrees at 100 percent load. Best 3dmark06 rating I've been able to get is 13046 at 1650x1080 w/ 4x AA w/ a cpu rating of 3621. Rating drops to 11971 when I drop the GTX460 back down to stock clock.

    Thanks for all the help and advice everyone!
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