Swapping HDD's - Laptop won't boot

Hey guys, I had an SSD in my laptop that I want to extricate for other uses. I cloned the SSD onto a regular drive using Acronis True Image. When I change the hard drives, Windows 7 won't boot, telling me something about a possible hardware change affecting the startup? It prompts me to insert the Win 7 disk, which will be hard to do given that I don't have a DVD drive

I have a Lenovo T500, the SSD is OCZ Vertex 3, new drive is a SATA WD drive.

Funny thing is, I put in the SSD on a brand new desktop computer, and it boots, lol
Not sure what could be wrong?
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  1. Try putting the SATA controller in the BIOS into IDE/Compatibility mode, and boot the new drive. If that works, you can go into windows, let it install drivers, then try it back in the AHCI mode. If it won't startup still in AHCI mode, try changing it manually (there are tons of details of this on the web), like this one:


    I have a hunch it MIGHT work for you...
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