Case for my NEW Sandybridge System?

This is the configuration of my new sandybridge system..!
I want to hear some thoughts & recommendation.
By the way, I could not choose my CASE yet..
(by the way I'm annoyed to order separate fans and add them. I know it's a simple process but i'm just annoyed..)

CPU: Intel i5 2500k

Mainboard: Asus P8P67 (not pro nor deluexe just normal p8p67)

Memories: G.Skill RipjawsX 2GBx4 (I know 4GBx2 are better but this was cheaper when I was ordering them.....;;;;;;;;altho fxxxing newegg started a promotion for the 4gbx2 set for cheaper price............)

Graphics: HD6850 Sapphire x1 (will add 1 more card to organize crossfire when the price goes down lol)

PSU: Antec 750w Earthwatts (it was the cheapest 750w at loll...........$79.99 ftw)

SSD: Vertex2 60g (I only run the reduced version win7 and a several games (3 maybe? including WoW)
imma use my external harddrive for datastorage.
Is adding a harddrive to this and establishing a Raid0 really effective???? wat about the harddrive noise??

Case: (Please select one of the below items or tell me what you recommend)
(1) CM HAF 932 (119.99 on newegg now : i think the deal is good but i don't like its nofilter system and hugeness)
(2) Lancool K-62 (99.99)
(3) CM HAF 922 (99.99)
(4) CM 690 II Advanced (89.99)
(5) Rosewill Challenger (69.99)

I want to
-save money but i also do not want a case that is an underlevel of the other components
( i don't want to use a 10dollar case for my sandybridge system, but i still want to be economic)

I prefer mid tower to full tower

I do not want the system to be loud and disturb me when I use computers..
(my old case and my old hd4890 system were so loud that i literally got pissed off when I turned on the computer)

Please take a look at my system and comment on it..!
and Please also answer my question to pick the best case for this system.
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  1. Cases are a personal choice because you have to look at it everyday.
    All those cases are well-known and have their merits.
    I would personally cross off the Rosewill since you can get a Antec 300/Illusion for the same price.(Antec is higher quality and features better fans).
    I personally have a CM690II and it's a great case with only a couple of faults.
    You have to remove the psu to clean the filter which is retarded.
    A little too much plastic for my taste.Otherwise it's a solid choice and to be honest better then an Antec 300(i replaced mine with CM690II) or a Challenger.
    I like the look of the K-62(heard and read good things) and i don't like the looks of the HAF series i looked at the 922 in person(big and ugly to me) and bought an Antec 902 instead.
    Antec 902's are great cases btw and i've seen them on sale once in a while on the Egg.
    I'm not dissing the HAF series because their reputation speaks for itself.
    Excellent airflow and tons of room.
    And remember no case is perfect they all have their cons.
  2. 60G SSD is worthless. I had 80 and its not enough. If I remember right WoW takes 12G.
  3. I love my 932 HAF, but if you are looking for sound insulation it has very little. However you could put water cooling or better fans/ components and the noise shouldn't be too bad. There is a newer version of this as well. This is called the Coolermaster HAF X. There is also a Nvidia version of it that has some extra features.

    They are both massive cases and up until recently my favorite on the market.
    I just saw the Xclio 777 the other day and the size is amazing and it will have a little more sound reduction and more fans. However I did decide against this case because it seems to be poor build quality.

    The cases mentioned above as well as a very complete list of various size cases are in the link below.
  4. daship said:
    60G SSD is worthless. I had 80 and its not enough. If I remember right WoW takes 12G.

    My 120GB is barely enough. I have games I can't install due to space.
  5. I already purchased the 60g SSD.. what would be the best solution for me at this point? just refund it? (while i purchased it within 14days and haven't even touched it).. (well i'll be losing some money then....ofcourse)

    or should I just add another harddrive ? is 60g vertex2+ 1tb WD hdd wellcorresponding with each other in a raid0?
  6. anort3 said:
    My 120GB is barely enough. I have games I can't install due to space.

    I thought it would be fine with some reduced version of windows 7 and very fundamental programs like movieplayers and unzipping software with 2-3games? won't it work?
  7. daship said:
    60G SSD is worthless. I had 80 and its not enough. If I remember right WoW takes 12G.

    Should I really refund it then? I haven't open the product at all it's 100% sealed as of now... but it's gonna cost a lot of bucks to be refunded tho... shipping+like 10% of the price taken+ @
    i assume like 20+ bucks so;; i can't just refund it easily T_T...
  8. Get a second Vertex 2 and RAID the bitch for some stupid performance!

    120GB is a safe bet if you're not playing many games. At the moment my old system has a 80GB main drive and I'm OK, but the new system will be 120GB to be safe.

    I won't be playing WoW, but the WoW box downstairs has all the expansions on it and is something like 30GB on its own now.

    Case-wise I wouldn't go for any HAF but that's for personal aesthetic values.

    I'd suggest Antec 902, the CM 690 series are good, Raven 1 and 2 Evo are also great. NZXT cases have a good reputation too - the Beta Evo is a brilliant little budget case (built a number of systems in it) and the Phantom is highly regarded.
  9. Use the 60GB for Windows and get some Western Digital black edition drives for your apps and data. My Windows 7 install (Windows 7 is a disk hog!) plus my hardware software absorbs around 45GB of my 80GB drive. So I'd just stick with the 60GB drive, but use it as your OS drive.

    Also, I would hold off on the Sandy Bridge until all the SATA/motherboard chipset issues are all ironed out. Most PC-makers have stopped shipping H67/P67 anything. The motherboard producers are targeting April as the quickest they'd be able to get the "fixed" boards to market.

    Regarding the case, the Antec Three-Hundred is always a solid case at $50. Just replace the loud fans that come with it.
  10. I use a 40GB just for my OS and 1 or 2 programs, games run off my WD Caviar Black. I'll buy a bigger one when they start coming close to 1$/gb or less.

    The 690 II Advanced or the PC-K62 are probably the best 2 bets. The K62 is a little bit nicer but the 690 II Adv has better cooling.
  11. I would be inclined toward the k62, I have a Lian Li and the build quality is second to none and the Lancool is just the same case but made from steel instead of aluminium. also the tool less features work well and are well made, I have built with a HAF 932 and to be honest it looks and feels kinda cheap in comparison.
    Another alterantive may be an Antec 900 or 600.
    Just my two pennies worth
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