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Hi you guys, a newbie to the forum here, I have a HP Pavilion A6537C with Foxconn MCP73M02H1 Motherboard HP NAPA-GL8E nForce 630i. It came with 2 X 2 GB of PC2-64000U-666-12-EO RAM. One day the computer was off, when I came home, so I booted it up and then I’ve had trouble ever since. I thought that the RAM must be bad so I did a diagnostic test with PC-Doctor (with came with the computer) at boot-up and sure enough it said that I had bad RAM. So I ordered 2 X 2 GB sticks of RAM from Crucial and put it in. It too showed that the RAM was bad. How can this be? I look around and had 2 X 512 MB of Corsair VS512MB533D@ Ram so I put it in and bam! It booted up and ran with no problems. I’ve done all of the latest hardware and software update and I get the same results as stated above. When I ran the PC-Doctor I got a “B1OME-1 Failed” message. And when I let the 4 GB of RAMs run, it goes through the boot stage as if it’s going to load the Vista 64 bit OS and then I get the blue screen of death with and error message the states “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA”. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It is a possibility that your new ram is faulty, does it have the same voltage rating as the original?
  2. Crucial said it was the match for my system.
  3. Could be faulty then.
  4. Crucial assures me that the RAM in OK and for me to look at the motherboard for bulging capacitors of something out of the ordinary.
  5. Have you tried the sticks individually.
  6. Yes, all four, 2 originial and two from Crucial, all lndividual.
  7. And you have failures with both new modules individually?
  8. Yes, but not the old 512 MB pair.
  9. You will have to go into BIOS and set the ram according to its spec. If that does not work they must be bad unless there was a known BIOS fix and all you have to do is update BIOS.
  10. I will look again in the BIOS but everything has been updated form manufactures website and microsoft.
  11. No help from the BIOS.
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