Newish build being sluggish

so i just built my new computer (in sig) about a month ago and i reinstalled windows 7 cause it was acting really sluggish
. so now on a fresh install its still really sluggish. sometimes programs crash they freeze desktop icons refresh randomly. and take a while for things to respond . * never in games except fallout new vegas* so i was wondering the only thing thats the same is my old hard drive. im wondering if this could be the cause... everything else is brand new
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  1. yes the primary cause for anything such as freezing, being slow, loading, or any kind of delay(exept for in games) is caused by bad memory acces. This is ussually an HDD problem because current ram is blazing fast and since yours is new it's unlikely to be broken in any way. SO yes definately the HDD(btw HDDs are slow in genral I run caviar blacks in raid which is among the fastest HDD solutions around and sometimes it still kind of freezes or crashes)
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