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Best ATI Card for a $150 Dollar budget?

I was looking for a new card and ATI seems to give you more for your money than NVIDIA does as far as specs go for cards.

I had NVIDIA before but I am thinking of switching to ATI. I dont know that much about ATI. Are there any issues that would arise in doing so?

If not what is the best card to get on a $150 budget. My computer can support PCI-E 16x 2.0

Im mostly going to be using the card for 3d modeling 3dsmax Maya Lightwave etc. I also do some gaming but not as much as 3d modeling.

I have a 1KW power source so power shouldnt be that big of a problem. Also i prefer anything with a lifetime warranty (XFX offers one) because my last two dell cards messed up after 2.5 years. I just want to make sure what i get is covered under warranty in case i get a lemon (which i seemed to have gotten from dell)

Thanks for any help.
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    ATI + $150 = HD5770
    Some software exclusively uses Nvidia's CUDA for GPU accelerated computations so you may want to check to see if yours does before switching to ATI.
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