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I have two hard disks, one for OS (1 TB size) and second one just to dump temporary files with 350 GB storage and no OS installed. Both Hard disks were in my previous computer before I sold it to my friend. Sure I kept the Hard disks.

I bought a new system and since everything is new hardware, the 1 TB Hard disk was formatted.
Thinking that the second HD would work, it didn't. I get the Missing Operating System.

Now,.....here's the problem.... I have some important data that I need from the 350 GB (the one with no OS).

Can I install windows in the 350 GB hard disk and recover the files?

I am worry that, if I install Windows now on the 350 GB Hard disk, all previous files will be hidden..

I get a new HD with an OS, but will I be able to see the files that were there before installing Windows?

I tried to use a dock in two computers and both don't detect the 350 GB, but when I put my hands on it, the HD is running.

How can I access to the data from the 350 GB hard disk?

Any helps is much appreciated.
Thank you.
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  1. Tried to install windows.... and it doesn't even allowed me.

    image: http://i50.tinypic.com/4l2gbt.jpg

    It says it contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation....... I can't even delete (not what I want) or format (not what I want either).....it's all grayed out.

    I'm completely lost and I need that data from the second Hard disk (350 GB).

    Any helps please is definitely appreciated.

  2. Appreciated for the reply, however, the HD is invalid and is showing as bad disk.
    Windows is not reading this second hard disk, but the disk internals are spinning when in a dock.
  3. I have them bad and spin up too remember MAXTOR DRIVES?
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