Weird. Monitor gives no display signal but the cpu is still running.

My specs are as follows
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz
2x2GB DDR2 Transcend RAMs
XFX Nvidia 9600gt 512MB

Heres my problem. Some of the games i play (Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood, POP Forgotten Sands) give a "no display signal" on the monitor after about 45 minutes of gameplay. But the CPU is working. Whereas some other games like Mass Effect 2, Burnout Paradise, Mafia II work without giving any problem at all. Of late I haven't been playing those 2 problem causing games.
I installed GameBooster 2 which gave me an increase of fps from 30-40 to 50-60 in Mafia II. I tried playing Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood and POP Forgotten Sands, the games which would otherwise give me problems. But surprisingly for about 2 days, they did not give the "no signal" problem. But then on the third day the problem occurred again.

Apparently, my pc runs those 2 problem causing games properly if i don't play them for a couple of days. But obviously theres no logic there. What could be the problem? Please help......... :)
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  1. Heat issues perhaps? Have you been monitoring the temperature of your card?
  2. I did that once. But it showed no problems with the temperatures. The fan is clean enough and I've changed the thermal compound (coolermaster) 2 months ago.
    The problem is if it had to do with temperatures, then it wouldn't have caused problems yesterday. It started giving the "no signal" today after about 30 minutes of gameplay. Yesterday I played for about 3 hours on two different occasions.

    Also, when you say "monitoring the temperature", are there utilities that control the temperature by speeding up the fan as and when required OR does it involve just logging the temperatures?

    I've tried speeding up the fan with RivaTuner and EVGA Precision a month ago. But still the "no signal".

    Also I opened the cabinet when it gave the "no signal" on the monitor. THE FAN HAD STARTED DEACCELERATING and eventually stopped.
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