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I have a Intel Pentium E5200 @ 2.50 GHz. 4GB RAM DDR3. I am looking to upgrade my graphic to something strong enough to play games like Modern Warfare 2 at Medium to high settings, maybe higher.

My budget is 150-200 USD. My PSU is 280 W so obviously I will be buying a new PSU as well.

Could you guys recommend a good graphic card as well as a PSU. I don't want the card to fry my computer. Any response will be appreciated since this time I don't want to rush into buying something I would regret.

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  1. Seasonic S12 520w PSU; basically the premier manufacturer of PSUs $60 + $10 shipping = $70 Total
    (I use Seasonic PSUs exclusively. I also only recommend PSUs built by Seasonic for the following brand names: Corsair, Antec PC Power & Cooling and XFX)

    XFX HD 5770 $125 after a $20 mail-in rebate + Free shipping = $125

    Total Cost = $195
  2. What resolution do you play at?
    The rest: see jaguarskx post above... :)
  3. 1650x1050 resolution. I'm just scared of the HD 5770 messing up on the intel since alot of reviews have it giving them the blue screen and such. Will I be fine? 2.50GHz should be enough right? I don't know much about overclocking and such but will ask a friend to do it.
  4. Oh, my computer has a fresh intall of windows 7 64 bit. How's the Nvidia Geforce 250 GTS compared the 5770?
  5. Yes, GTS250 is good for your resolution, it can play most of games with med/high setting... But, HD5770 is much faster than GTS 250. I would say get that HD5770 if you can, don't worry too much about AMD cards, each card have their own problem... :)
  6. See following review of the H 5770. The GTS 250 is not part of the review, however it either equals or exceeds the performance of the the GTS 260 in nearly all benchmarks.
  7. Intel + Radeon GPUs is fine, in fact you'll see many people (everyone in this thread, in fact) Has at least one Intel + Radeon, and obviously isn't having endless problems. Just go with whatever performs best in your budget.
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