Turns out catalyst 10.9s arent so bad after all

Well i decided to give the Catalyst 10.9s another try after seeing so so performance in alien vs predator. But considering that game is pretty graphic intense and im running it on a 32 lcd tv and a 5770 i should have expected less that blazing frame rates. So i tested crysis and i ran it on high settings with aa set 4 and it was playable and looks good. Then i tried left for dead 1 and 2 and they both ran well. I also ran bioshock wich ran nicely followed by call of duty, Delta force black hawk down and Doom 3 which also ran well.. I also tested Half life 2 and it ran nicely. I was running the catalyst 10.5s prior and did notice improvements in Crysis and left 4 dead as well as others. Overall there not as bad as i thought prior to testing all these games. Anyone else having good experiences with the latest 10.9 cats.
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