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Hi, I recently custom built my first system and I was so excited that it all worked perfectly. So I'm using the i7 2600k and a h70 CPU Cooler. I have a ASRock Extreme4 motherboard and I looked around just to take a look at the new menu. There was an option in.... advanced I think that showed my temperatures. It said my CPU temperatures was at 92C!!! W T F?! and my motherboard was at 32C

I was wondering if the motherboard was just reading it wrong or I messed up somewhere. There is an issue with the h70, there is one hole that I wasn't able to screw into the backplate but I made sure the cooler was nice and secure. (Which it was, didn't budge)

Please help!
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    I'm no expert and am currently having my own temp dilemma, but I doubt your bios is that far off. It has to be the way you mounted the cooler. You should be using all 4 screws. For all you know when tightening it down all the paste squeezed over to the side without a screw. I'm guessing if you installed real temp it would show one core sky high and your other cores may be cooler.

    Bottom line, you cannot trust your cooler to work properly when it isn't mounted properly. I suggest you re-seat the cooler and use all the screws. If that's impossible for some reason get a different cooler, or use the stock cooler until you can purchase another one.
  2. Has to be mounted wrong. I have that same CPU & motherboard. Those chips run cool, especially at stock speeds. At stock with decent cooling, it shouldn't even hit 50 C on sustained full load much less idle
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  4. Thank you guys, found the problem. Apparently the things you slip into the holes in the intel bracket was in the wrong way so when my screw tries to go in it's in the wrong hole... (That's what she said)

    ANYWAYS, Temps dropped from 92C to around 35C, tyvm!!!!!
  5. Glad to help!
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