Need Video Card advice.

Hi all,I'm looking getting a Asus EAH5670 or something in the Nivida 450 or 460 chipset line.Here are my concerns,I have heard from more than one person that the ATI Chipset's can be really Fussy at times and conflict with certain games and hardware where the Nivida is alot more forgiving and you don't run into the same problems or very many at all with them.I'm olny wanting honest opions and I do not want a flame war started over this as I just want a good card that will run with the fewest hassle's.
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  1. Well, Nvidia's drivers are usually more "good" than AMD's drivers.
    So what the rest of your specs? We need more info here...
    CPU? mobo? RAM? PSU? Monitor? Budget?
  2. Ive heard that too but never coem across this myself. My Friend has the same board, and is running a POV GTX465 with no problems, installed the lastest Win7 64x Drivers from Nvidia and taadaa! :)
  3. Well my Radeon 5850 runs everything I throw at it really well, EXCEPT for Fallout 3, which doesnt run happy under Windows 7. Windows XP is a different thing, it runs fine on that. I sometimes wish I had PhysX support though, Mafia2 has good PhysX features, as does Metro 2033 and Batman - AA.
    I could run a dedicated PhysX card, I have a suitable card lying around, but Metro was the game which prompted me wanting to do this, and it has been programmed in such a way that you cant enable PhysX on the hardware unless you have an NVidia primary GPU. Well some people have succeeded, but I couldn't get it to work after hours of tinkering.

    Long story short - the new Radeon cards ar hella-fast, and low power consumption, but the GTX 460 is also pretty good (unlike the 480, 470 and 465 which are very power hungry) and it has PhysX support.
  4. sometimes its not just the card that makes the problems. Its the combination of the other parts that cause the conflick. (with certain software)
    Ive had both and and they seem about the same, at least ati dont make ati software only for certain games like nvida does with its physx software but thats just me.
    i switch to the ati5870 about a year ago and never had a problem .
    and sometimes its just pain luck getting a faulty card or not
  5. ATI drivers have always been buggy, IMHO, and they still are. I tried some ATI cards years ago and gave up on them until recently when I bought a 5750. Same story.
  6. Most people wasn't savy enough or picky enough to tell any difference.

    I have no idea how important those problems are. And I doubt AMD can have that significant market share with unbearable drivers.

    Take complaints with a grain of salt, complaints at forums always tend to exaggerate the situation, people don't have problems aren't likely to come here and talk about it.

    If you are in the market, there is no need to worry too much on the drivers.
  7. I used to use nVidia cards, but my last few have been ATi. I've had issues with CCC, but not with either company's drivers (except on Diamond cards, but that's another story, summarized by "Diamond has earned a place on my personal 'do-not-buy' list").
  8. wa1 said:
    Well, Nvidia's drivers are usually more "good" than AMD's drivers.
    So what the rest of your specs? We need more info here...
    CPU? mobo? RAM? PSU? Monitor? Budget?

    My Spec's are ASUS P7H55-M Pro i7 860 8GB 1333MHZ Corsair Ram Window's 7 64 Bit Pro ViewSonic 24inch 2MS Response time hook up to HDMI and a 650 powersupply and I just got an ASUS EAH5670 Card.I had a bit of trouble setting it up the card as I did not know you have to use the ASUS Disc for the VGA Driver and after getting the image to fit the screen I went and did some update's threw windows and I had to go and put the stupid 24MB ATI one in olny to find out it was a VGA Driver as well and not the same as the ASUS one so I had to uninstall everything and start over then I get the ASUS one back in and the ATI Catalyst want's me to do an update guess what the same stupid Driver from ATI goes in again so you guessed it uninstall everything again and out back in the ASUS one.To me it seem's sort of stupid that ASUS would use there own VGA Driver and not have a way to block the ATI one from going in and screwing up the screen's Resoloution,I'm going to be calling ASUS and find out if I need to get update's for the Catalyst from there site,I never would have even with the ATI Catalyst if I knew it was just going to put in a VGA Driver that I knew was going to mess with my setting's,is there a way to see what it's going to try and install then you can pick and choose what you want to go in.
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