Need to know what card to buy help please !

I am in need of a new video card I'm in the market for a decently priced Nvidia card that will run dx11

the motherboard im working with is a P35 Neo2 fr if I could get some help with some nice card suggestions it would be great thank you !
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  1. Well, tell us your full specs:
    CPU-RAM-Mobo-PSU-Current card-Monitor-Budget?
  2. windows 7 home premium x64

    8gb ram

    Core2 quad q9300 2.5ghz

    msi p35neo2fr motherboard

    1200watt greenpower supply

    nvidia geforce 7900 gs is the card i have now because my msi 9800gx2 fried

    17" widescreen hanns-g

    edit - $100-$300
  3. nothing i have is overclocked
  4. The games I need the card to run max setting are wow,starcraft 2, and diablo 3 once released would like to run them with dx11 with max settings without lag
  5. Nice rig, shame about the titchy monitor ;) .
    Those splendid fellows at Toms recently reviewed the GTX450 and included the more expensive, but far faster GTX460 in the tests:,review-31992.html

    If you plan on using DX11, even at 1440x900 (close to 1280x1024) the GTX460 would be my choice. You'll have to lower settings under DX11 with the GTX450 and games just keep upping their system requirements, so the cheaper card will quickly fall behind.

    Edit: Your link does not work :(
  6. oops its a 22inch monitor before the 9800gx2 fried i used my 37" flatscreen as a monitor but to be honest this one i have here is fine with me also was wondering if a dedicated physics card would be something to think about
  7. Frankly the GTS450 is too weak for DX11 on a 22" screen and would struggle on a 17 incher so I'd still go for the GTX460 if you plan on staying with the green team. Check out Newegg ( I assume you're in the good old US of A :) ), they have GTX460s' for under $250 but shop around and you could bag one for less.
    But read the Toms review before making a decision and bear in mind the HD5770 is a good deal cheaper than the GTX460 when you look at the benchmarks.
    Do n't have PhysX, do n't miss it! But I'm not sure if your Crossfire motherboard would allow that-Anyone like to comment?
  8. That's good, but you should try and get the 1Gb version. Windows 7 will allow you to make a dedicated physX card. As long as you have 2 PCIexpress slots, you can do it. But there really isnt much point. It can be a pain to set up for very little noticable improvement in anything.
  9. so the card that i have found should be able to run the said games *above* at max setting with no lag and good fps whilst in dx11? and the big difference with 300mb ?
  10. Here is a graph of Crysis Warhead benchmarks. The difference isn't huge, but having more frame buffer is never a bad thing. Some games really like more memory, like GTA4 for example.
  11. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but Starcraft 2 is DirectX9 only, as is WoW, which leaves Diablo 3, and I dont knwo if that will be DirectX 11 or not.

    There is a list of games with DX11 support. I notice that WoW Cataclysm does support DX11 when it comes out.

    I would like to mention that Starcraft 2 looks relly great, even though it doesnt't support DX11 :)
  12. i think your right on sc2 cata does support dx11 and i have a couple other games that support it so going with the 1gb card should allow me to do what i need max settings including shadows and what not free from lag ?

    Shows Starcraft 2 performance (45 FPS minimum on ULTRA settings @ 1680 x 1050 !),743498/Geforce-GTX-480-and-GTX-470-reviewed-Fermi-performance-benchmarks/Reviews/?page=15

    Shows GTX 480 and 470 benchmarks on WoW - Lich King at maxed out settings. I would guess you would get atleast 40fps from looking at that table. The GTX 460 would likely be around about the level of the Radeon 5850, cause apparently NVidia cards are slightly faster on WoW.
  14. i might actually just fork over for a gtx 480

    Thank you everyone for your input it has been much help
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