Xbox or PC !? please help .

hi guys . i am one of PC gamers & i always UPGRADE hardwares of my PC to have better gaming . but after all some of the games LAG . now i researched & found a great RIG to buy
but one of my friends told me to buy XBOX to have better Quality & smoother gaming with no UPGRADING trouble.
now help me choose .
1.way ONe { buy this PC }

CPU: Core i5-760 Quad 2.8GHz
Mobo:GA P55A UD3
VGA: ATI 5850 HD 1GB
Ram: 2x2GB 1333MHZ DDR 3
PSU: ooler Master 700W
{ am using 1440 rez }

or go for XBOX 360 Elite ?
i tested Xbox recently & aiming & moving was so hard . even i saw a bad resulation in COD 4 but i didnt saw such thing with my PC. so help me know which one is better for buying .
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  1. This is quite debatable question. If you are a traditionalist, then you would prefer the PC like me. But of course PC gaming has its drawbacks. Like constant upgrades, lags as you mentioned.

    But as for me, i would always vouch for a PC.

    Your rig is fine. Just change the PSU to something from Corsair, Antec or Seasonic.
  2. Games graphics will always be downgraded for consoles.... for PC you can always adjust it and even get higher graphics than consoles.
    I am a pc gamer never liked consoles for its little pads and analogues.

    There is a good point above that you do have to upgrade your specs but that like every 2 years maybe unless you have a good income.

    Plus... PC games are cheaper down here where I live compared to xbox.
  3. You can mod PC games, you can tweak them, you are on the cutting edge if you've got the money.

    you have a keyboard and a mouse = you have better and more control in complicated games
  4. PC is 100% clearer, sharper and better than an Xbox or PS3, as tested on my rig vs an Xbox 360 Elite on Just Cause 2..

    Yes, my system is extremte but i get a better gameplay and feel in the PC then on the Xbox
  5. I like PC too ... i am able to adjust as you said . Mod , use cheats & trainers . but you know PC is have only one trouble & its UPGRADEING ... XBOX joystick is the bigest trouble ...its too hard too aiming in wargames ...& Graphic is unadjustable . but XBOX has 2 good thing s.. 1. i can play with my brother & friends any time without connect to internet 2. games run realy smooth .. but any way PC lets you overcontrol on games ... aiming is easier ... Controling too . oh i dont know ... i think i should choose way number 1 { UPGRADE PC } they both have good & bad sides ..but we should know which one has more good side ?! maybe someday come & producers make something that take all good sides of XBOX & PC { be adjustable & let us have full controll on games . do many thing s . remove the UPGRADE troubles & ... }
  6. & tell me how long will my RIG work for me if i gonna use only 1440 rez & not overclock the hardwares ? will future games run smooth & great on my SYSTEM ? why they dont make somethign 100% complete ... they confuse us ...they dont collect all good thing in same place . that why its hard to decide the best way .
  7. Console:
    Playing with friends

    Cant upgrade
    no web surfing
    no apps.

    web surfing
    better graphics
    all around more fun(overclocking, benchmarking and modding)

    price(can be costly for a new rig/upgrades)

    Me personaly, I like my PC a lot more than my Xbox360. You can do way more on PC than you can on an Xbox360. I only use my Xbox360 to stream netflix and play games like Fight night round 4 and UFC. My PC gets a lot of time with FPS games benchmarks and web surfing, I find it easier to aim with the mouse and keyboard than an Xbox360 controller. The decision is easy for me but not everybody has the money to purchase a good gaming PC, that is why most people choose the consoles. I guess it all depends on what type of games you play and what you are willing to spend. [:bohleyk:1]
  8. I would always have PC over console :).

    However my friend would prefer a console as he is a bit shorter on cash than i am and thus wants something that will last a long time and will guarantee good gameplay on the latest releases without the requirement to upgrade after so long, which is definitely a valid point. I must admit, consoles are better for more social gaming, say if you have a few friends round, you can just whack on a fairly light hearted game and have a laugh, while PC is a much more focused, solitary experience.

    Also, i'd say another big 'pro' for PC is, if you're building the rig yourself, you gain a pretty valuable skill, knowledge and a sense of accomplishment that you've done it yourself and not just left it to Dell or whoever else :D.
  9. I am Playing Wargames ... or if maybe little action games like Batman ARKHAM & assassins ...but i am aiming & i am better with mouse ...but maybe if i get use to Console ... i dont know ....but you can see how much i wanna spend { you can see my system on top of all these answers ...if you cant i will sned my SYSTEM INFO again } but please help me more .
  10. I have an xbox 360, and I have several games, I just find its extraordinarily hard to play any sophisticated game on xbox 360 with the joystick.

    try SC, SC2, RTS, RPG, etc, etc, I guess i just don't "get it" with console.
  11. Straight up - For First Person Shooters like COD 4, PC will be better for sure (in terms of aiming etc).

    You've been told of the pro's and cons of both platforms, your setup as described in your original post will be excellent for COD 4, Assassins Creed and Arkham Asylum as well as most other things. Just change that power supply to one by Corsair or Antec, they are more reliable, trusted makes. Personally i'd go for a 750W Corsair one so you are then open to crossfiring in a second 5850 in the future.
  12. Go with the PC it will last you a good while before you need to upgrade.
  13. Oh thanks ...ok i chnage my PSU ...but i have finished COD6 maxed out with no lag { very great speed } on 9600 GT 1Gb ....i wanna play games like GTA IV ... MAFIA 2 smoothly ....even MAFIA2 is maxed out & it performs great but ...some of the time it lags too much for no reason ...some parts of the CITY or near the OBJECTIVES .
    so iwanna make sure that this rig will work for long time ...with high QUALITY & ultra SPEED . & please COMPARE XBOX & PC Quality of SAME game ...{ image PC game as MAXED OUT } so which one has more QUALITY on SAMSUNG BW1932 monitor { REZ 1440 } thats what i currently using & dont wanna change it .
  14. Is your resolution 1440 x 900?

    With the specifications of the PC you gave in your original post, you should be able to run GTA 4 and Mafia 2 smoothly on good settings. The 5850 is miles better than the 9600 GT, you will see an unbelievable performance increase so if you're only slightly lagging now i highly doubt you will at all with the 5850. For image quality etc, PC will beat Xbox every time without doubt. Don't forget you will get lag on consoles too, i've certainly seen it happen in certain situations in game.
  15. realy THANKS ... & is that true that consoles LAG too ? why ? maybe its another problem ...because there is no way to solve XBOX lag ..{ its some how locked for all OPTIONS .. UPGRADEING option ...adjusting Option } i think id better UPGRADE MY PC ... as you say ...because know nothing will be as good & complete as PC .
  16. Quote:
    nothing will be as good & complete as PC .


    And yes consoles are known to lag during very intense or crowded scenes, their memory reserves are incredibly scarce compared to PC.

    Good luck with your PC.
  17. Good luck.
  18. Quote:
    realy THANKS ... & is that true that consoles LAG too ? why ? maybe its another problem ...because there is no way to solve XBOX lag ..{ its some how locked for all OPTIONS .. UPGRADEING option ...adjusting Option } i think id better UPGRADE MY PC ... as you say ...because know nothing will be as good & complete as PC .

    They can lag but not enough for people to notice as they build the games not to lag because all the hardware on the Xbox is the same, I have notices in Halo: Reach that my frame rate does drop at times why dont dont have a way of measuring FPS I tend to notice when things start droping below 20-25FPS but when it happens it just happens for a fraction of a second.
  19. Yes ...your RIGHT my INDIAN Friend . now i am sure about buying PC...but PC doesnt have only one thing ...& its free Multiplaying without internet Connection .. as you can see you can play games in XBOX with your friends without internet ...but for PC you cant do that you have to have atleast 2 PC & internet cables & connection ...but any way PC has so much more than XBOX .....Producers could make something to have all positives sides { good THINGS } from Both PC & XBOX ... most complete thin in the world .... & they would name it PBOX ..hehe ....oh what is this technology doing with us makes us to spend all our money for FUN that our parents doesnt accept that . THANKS FOR ALL ADVICES ...GOOD LUCK
  20. well, if it's too much of a hassle to upgrade your pc....just down grade your graphic to xbox level. ;)
  21. I don't understand, COD4 was programmed to play at 1920x1080 for the consoles, right?

    Pros of a pc:
    A larger amount of exclusive deals and games for the pc
    Larger Resolutions, eyefinity/multi monitor support, Physx, 3d w/surround
    Emulating console/handheld games
    Current hardware rather then old gen hardware
    Games run @60+ fps

    The overall screw up of wiring/handling for beginners.

    Of course the friend thing too, if you ask around more people will say they have an xbox 360 or a ps3 then a high end pc.
  22. I prefer playing games on my PC. The only console I would consider buying is a Wii :)

    I'm sure it's has been mentioned time and time again...

    1) You never have to upgrade a console because you can't. So generally speaking, console games should never over tax the console itself because the game is designed it. Over time this gives developers an edge and cuts down on development. Since the hardware never changes developers has an opportunity to optimize coding the game to make games run as smooth as possible. This also cuts down on development costs because developers do not have to worry about supporting both ATI and nvidia card plus they don't need to bother with DirectX 10 and 11.

    2) While you can play console games at 1920 x 1080 resolution on a monitor or HDTV, in actuality the graphics are rendered at lower resolution and then stretched to fill the screen. A lot of people do not know this. I was shocked when I read posts were people preferred to play console games because they did not want to play games on a lower end PC due to the fact they would need to lower the game resolution then stretch it to fill the entire screen to get decent / good performance.

    3) Yes, even console games can have lag if it is not properly coded and / or if the game itself was pushing the limits of the hardware to begin with. I could be wrong, but I believe Doom 3 struggled a bit on an XboX 360.

    4) If gaming is the primary purpose of having a PC, then you would have to deal with spending money on upgrade if you always want the maximum eye candy. Gaming on a console will save you money in the long run 'cause there's nothing to upgrade once you made your purchase. Of course if you smash and destroy the controllers out of frustration, well.. that's a different story.

    5) Multiplayer gaming on consoles is a lot easier than on a PC because they are built from the ground up to work that way. Try having 4 people play Halo on a single PC connected to a HDTV all at the same time. It simply cannot be done on a PC, however, on the Xbox that's a different story...

    6) Of the games you like to play, are they exclusive to the console or the PC. This should be a primary concern. I like strategy games such as Galactic Civilization I & II those were never even considered for a console release. I like playing space combat simulations like X3: Reunion. While an Xbox 360 version was being developed, ultimately that simply died. The company, EgoSoft, is small and simply did not have the resources to develop on 2 separate platforms. Additionally, the game itself was so complex that not was the scope of the game reduced, many features were going to be eliminated from the PC version.
  23. Actually, according to the actual games themselves; the games are normally at 600p or lower natively.
    Buy 4 console games - You can get a mobo+processor+psu+case
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