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Mouse lag in some games

Ok you heard this milion times before, but im was not able to fix it for a long time now, so i decided to ask you guys.

Here is my configuration

and here s my mouse

i know its not gaming mouse but it shouldnt lag, and it doesnt in some games like , MW2 MW3 and shooters like that, but it laggs in Bad Company 2 and battlefield 3 . Its USB mouse and i have it pluged in in 3.0 USB hub. i tryed mouse registry fixes and still no results. i figured out that with this PC spec i shouldnt have any Mouse lag related problems. i dont get lag in windows only in games. And also i tryed old Logitec MX 310 and it was also laging. So if you know any posible solution for this problem i would be glad to hear it and i would appreciate it.

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  1. So it's application specific that lags? Is it really the mouse or the application?
    What's your resolution and graphic settings?
  2. Everything on ultra and HD 1920 x 1080. And i also have this Problem in Counter Strike 1.6 believe it or not :) and i forgot to mention that V sync if always off.
  3. Have you tried lowering the graphic settings for those lagged application? Try medium setting and see if it still lags?

    I don't know about the CS1.6 though...your card should have enough power for it...maybe screen tearing due to too much power? :D
  4. ill try that in 2 hours and ill let you know, thx for the help so far. :)
  5. You need to turn RAW Input on or off.
  6. This is the first time i hear about RAW Input, can you explain me how can i edit that RAW Input, i was googling a bit and all i could find was some programing text, and im realy bad at programing. Is there something like option in control panel that can do this? Also what about Enhance mouse cursor precision, do i need it off or on?

    @cumi2k4 I tryed lowering the resolution and details, and it helped a bit, but little lagg is still there.
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    Wireless mouse is your problem try with a wired mouse, there will always be connection issues with wireless mice as they are best effort and not all signal from the mouse is recived by the computer.

    I know i will get some stick for this but, for FPS games where accuracy is key wired mice are key!
  8. well, i'm stumped then, ... sorry can't think of anything else but the video card
    this is also the first time i read about raw input, and fowang's suggestion also makes sense. Maybe you should try with wired mouse first since it's the easier to find wired mouse than tweaking the mouse setting.
  9. Its not like this mouse is wireless, Mouse pad is connected via usb and mouse only works on that pad , with a help of some magnets i dont know. So basicly its like its wired. Thank you guys for your help ill figure out something, or ill just buy a new mouse :D
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