GTX 470 SLI or HD 5870 CFX

Hi! Im buying a new computer, and i cant choose which of the above cards too buy. i have read many reviews, and the bouth cards have nearly the same performance. I own a scythe kamariki 4 750w.

first option for me is too buy phenom II x6 1090T and 2x5870

or the second core i7 930 and 2x GTX 470.

Id rather buy phenom, and gtx 470s but amd is incompatible with sli (890 fx chipset which i want).

so the main question for me is which graphic card to buy, cause the graphic card decides me which platform i will buy.thank you
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  1. GTX 470 is a really good GPU on its own, and in Sli mode (which is what i have) is awesome. But i do have an i7 930 1366..

    Not a huge Ati fan, so not sure on the performance difference.
  2. Well the thing is you read the reviews so you know the performance. But now you need to make up your mind. Because now it's pretty much down to what you prefer.

    I prefer intel, and ati (like amd but intel simply has the better stuff right now, but I hate nvidia as I've had nothing but problems with them).
  3. I will say this though, if you do get a GTX 470 reference GPU (meaning, standard cooling system on the board) they run HOT, like 75oC +++

    When you get to them temps, the cards fan kicks in and can be quite loud.. Mine in Sli the first GTx 470 runs at 75-88oC and teh fan is pretty much at 100%
  4. ^^ If you choose the 470s DON'T get a reference design, get the ones with aftermarket DUAL slot coolers. Like the Gigabyte Super OC, or the MSI Twin Frozr.

    I'd personally pick the 470s.
  5. Well i wouldnt go as far as totally avoiding the Reference Design GPU's, they are made to do the job by the manufactor so they have been extensly tested anyways. 105oC is the Limit of these anyways..

    But if you can get an Factory OC'd GTX470, i will shoot you in the face! As im jealous as there wasnt any in stock when i purchased mine! :(
  6. is the 750w power supply enough for them? so u choose 470s....
  7. 750w seems plenty, well on my system anyways, but what i like to do personally is make sure there is enough connectors from the PSU itself to power both GTX470's (meaning 4 PCI-e connectors) Ratehr than splitting the power from adaptors and/or splitters etc..
  8. 930 is gonna be faster for gaming then the 1090T.

    And 470 SLi should be cheaper then 5870 CF.

    So my vote goes to 470 SLI and 930.

    Make sure you have a good case with good airflow.
  9. 5870's are overpriced and the 470's run warm.. I would just wait a few more weeks till the 6xxx series drops.
  10. OvrClkr said:
    5870's are overpriced and the 470's run warm.. I would just wait a few more weeks till the 6xxx series drops.

    im aware of new amd 6xxx series, but when 6970 reaches Croatia my current commponents, which are brand new and baged :D will run old :D
  11. sorry 6950...
  12. i7 930+ 2x GTX 470 any day.I recommend the SOC version of the GTX 470 from GIGABYTE.
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