GA-P55A-UD4P (rev2.0) MB & GV-NX86T512H Video - Can I install to 8x sl

Hi all,

Advanced apologies for what may be a blinding obvious question for those in the know.

Short version is, I've just bought the MB / have had the VC for a while and don't see any reason to move it on.
There is a fitting on the CPU side of the VC that clashes with the heatsink on the Northbridge.

I have fitted the VC to the 8x slot further down the board (and loosing a pci slot in the process) but it does not appear to playing ball - i.e. no picture, MB won't post.

So questions are 1) When using only 1 VC, must it be installed to the 16x slot only? 2) If Yes to Q1 and thus my VC cannot be used, does anyone have any recommendations of a VC for the UD4P board please? (No gaming - love my music videos and intermediate editing learning curve)

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  1. Answer is yes - you can install the video card to the 8x slot only - it does not have to be installed to the 16x slot to operate.

    What you also have to ensure you do is if you have multiple inputs on your monitor such as I do - you need to ensure you select the correct input on the monitor to pick up the output signal for the video card!

    Evidently, a user issue.

    Case closed!
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