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8800GT running at 71C idle!

Thats the whole problem.... It is running REALLY HOT! Was running at 76,I cracked up the fan to 100%, it got to 71C and now its there for the past eternity.

I hadn't used this for a while so i opened the case and cleaned all the clogged dust in the heatsink (its BFG 8800GT OC) and replaced the old thermal paste.

I even tried underclocking it to 350mhz from 625...still no gain.

1. I have a 450 Watt PSU, can it be at fault?
2. Or, is the bios responsible? ...i got a cheap ass Biostar 945GC-M7 TE motherboard which ran this card without any problems for a year.
3. I know i wont get an answer to this one but still....whats the max temp it can handle? or the one it shuts down at.
4. Can it be that its reporting false temperatures? I used HWmonitor, some nVidia temp sidegadget and gpu-z (it displays two different temps)

Dont suggest me to buy a new one cause 8800GT is old, i have to get this working. I think buying an aftermarket cooler would be the last there any good one still available for this model?
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  1. make sure the heatsink is properly attached and make sure you have good airflow inside your case... :)
  2. I did that...still no improvement.
  3. That card can stand up to 100'C...
    What is your temp when you playing games (full load)?
  4. it goes up to 85 when i play chess on windows7 in 3 secs.... i tried a gpu test and stopped it when the temp rose to 110C.
  5. do you see the fan on the gpu work properly when its on
    like can you feel the wind coming from it if u stick your hand under the fan
  6. Yup, it seems to be working fine...
  7. not sure what is to do but in the summer time i use 1 of my fans and lay it down on the gpu and it goes down about 5-9 decrees
  8. I tried putting my case fan under it...didnt help at all :(
  9. What are you using to monitor the temperatures?
  10. How dusty is the fan etc? This can often obstruct airflow etc. Canned air is a good way of getting rid of dust but make sure you do this OUT of the case so the dust doesn't settle elsewhere in the case. Other than that, if you're prepared to void the warranty (probably gone now anyway judging on the age of the card) you can always take away and re-seat the heatsink with a fresh batch of decent thermal paste (MX3 or AS5). There are tutorials on the interwebs im sure so you won't be totally alone on it.
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    Did you take the cooler apart when you cleaned or just blast it with canned air? I suggest that you either upgrade the card or buy a decent cooler. I own both versions of the G92 so I know it like the back of my hand. The 65nm version which is what you got it is always going to run hot with stock cooling.
  12. I would take it apart, clean and apply some new AS5 to the GPU and either reuse the old thermal tape or replace it with new.
  13. I have done all the cleaning i could. i took out the heatsink seperately and cleaned it to a mirror finish....still the temp just dont seem to drop down. I think this card is pretty much ruined.....

    I am thinking of buying GTX 460/70 this december but till then i wanted to make this card work. Now i wonder if putting an aftermarket cooler on this old card would be worth the price.
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