TurboV EVO vs AMD Overdrive?

Hello All,
Yeah I know BIOS would be better than the both mentioned above^^^
But I will only do mild overclocking and not the push your PC to the limits till something wrong happens thing.
I am still about to buy new mobo so whichever app is better will help me decide the brand i will buy

TurboV-EVO - Asus of course which is VERY UNLIKELY for me to buy(exclusive to asus boards)(M4A87TD-EVO)
AMD Overdrive - The asrock board which I'm REALLY leaning on (or does asrock have some kind of exclusive oc tool?)(890GX Extreme 4)

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  1. None.

    Even, for a non high overclock is better use the BIOS.

    What are your components? Because without know that is pretty difficult help you.
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