System started to freeze

Hi guy's bit of a strange thing has started to happen to my new build!! I have been running my new system for just over a week with no problems at all..

Asus P6X58D-E
core I7 running 3.07 Ghz
Asus 460 GTX
corsair Dominator 1600 DDR3 6GB
corsair TX850 PSU
llyama E2472HD monitor

last night the system started to freeze (num lock light on) I tried rebooting several times windows would load to the login screen fine as soon as I enter my password the system would hang..

I tried a fresh install of windows I also install chipset, soundcard and usb3 drivers system restarts fine. As soon as I install the Nvidia drivers 260.99 they system hangs after login if I reboot into safe mode the system works fine???

I have tried several times just going around in circles does anyone have any suggetsions, I have an 8400 card but could not get it to work..


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  1. Tried changing all BIOS settings back to default ?
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