Would 3 single sticks of RAM work on triple channel mobo

I'm considering to buy 3 individual sticks of RAM to add onto my FX 6800. If all the specs are identical and I already have 3x1GB in my mobo, would it work out to be triple channel if all the voltages and bus speeds are the same?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Assuming the Gateway FX6800 - http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/FX/FX6800/FX6800sp2.shtml
    Up to 12 GB of DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM (triple-channel support on six DIMMs)

    It's best to get a Tri Channel Kit of 3x__GB. The i7 9XX default is DDR3-1066, and 'most' OEM MOBO's lack DRAM/Memory Frequency settings in the BIOS. I would certinly boot into your BIOS and LOOK for Memory settings. Also, I've never seen any i7 9XX not run 3x4GB instead of the listed 6x2GB limit posted on Gateway's site. In fact many have been proven to run 6x8GB (48GB).

    So boot into your BIOS and see if there's a 'DRAM/Memory Frequency' setting.
  2. Alright though i've just installed a dual channel kit (2x8GB) along with the triple channel kit (3x1GB) that it came with and it reads all the memory even though the dual channel kit is 1333MHz it runs at 1066 obviously. It isn't really my computer and i wanted to find the cheapest solution and all the person needs is 6GB of RAM total.
  3. I'm confused here, you posted "(2x8GB)" and "(3x1GB)"; assuming the 8GB is a typo running 5 sticks would be single channel -- ie no Dual or Tri Channel.

    In DDR3 the advantages Single vs Dual vs Tri is very small. Personally, I would only run the following configurations:
  4. Oh ok because I had my personal dual channel kit in the comp. at the time and it already had pre-installed tri channel sticks which meant that there were 5 sticks running at single channel, now I have installed the RAM that I bought off of newegg which is (3x1GB) I took my dual channel kit out of it and installed the 3 that I bought. Which means now, there are (6x1GB) in the comp. which means its running triple channel right?
  5. IF you have 6x1 then you'll have Tri Channel IF all of the RAM is 'working' to verify open the Resource Manager and verify Total & Installed >6000MB and Hardware Reserved <30MB.

    I hope it is! ;)

  6. Thanks, yes it is all working and running was it should be.
  7. I assume (was) is meant as (is) and if so and Total & Installed >6000MB then cool! It's running as 'Tri Channel' - 2 banks per channel.
  8. jaquith said:
    I assume (was) is meant as (is) and if so and Total & Installed >6000MB then cool! It's running as 'Tri Channel' - 2 banks per channel.

    Yeah haha thanks
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