XFX BE 750W + GTX 570 SC SLI question

Recently built my computer, I'll list a few of the components just as a general reference in what I have running in this comp.

CPU - intel i7 2600k
HDD - 1tb 7200 RPM
PSU - XFX Black Edition 750W
I have two drives, a DVD-ROM and a DVD/CD WRITER.

I'm wanting to run SLI, basically just making sure this 750w PSU will run two GTX 570's + all of my other components. I don't plan on OCing.

I asked this question over in the Graphics Card section, someone told me it "should" be able to run it. I guess I'm just looking for more of a definite yes or no, upgrading power supplies isn't a big deal, but no need in doing it if it isn't needed.
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  1. Some psu's are much better then others, you happen to have a good one.
    I would try it out since your other components(1155 platform)aren't power hungry.
    If you have performance issues when gaming then you know you require an 850W unit.
  2. The good 750W unit (like the one you have) will easily manage two 570's in SLI and an overclocked i7 2600k along with rest of the other usual components.. Nothing to worry about..
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    The definitive answer is YES. It will have NO TROUBLE at all with your power supply.
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