Hannspree ST289MUB Monitor / TV

They've got this 28" monitor / TV at Circuit City for $280 and I've been in the market for a 28" monitor for awhile. Does anybody know the quality of this? How does it compare to a normal 28" monitor. I've plugged my PC into a 1080p tv before and its looked like crap so I don't want to get this if it'll look like that, but if it looks good then I'll probably grab it because it also has a built in tuner. Thanks for the help.

Also I though I'd add the links to this and the other monitor I'm considering.

28" w/ tv tuner $279.99 after coupon code IYE6421**%20**zuubkbzfwlCjC-d2CjC-uu&id=k3736&sessionid=gan_549224186

or this plain 28" monitor for $10 more
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