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I'm upgrading my ATI HD 4650. I can't decide on ATI HD 4870 1 GB or ATI HD 5770. Please give me suggestions. Thank you. :D
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  1. 4870 and 5770 is in the same class performance wise, altho 4870 might be a bit faster.

    Still, 5770 has more features, DX11 and Eyefinity, I would definitely go with 5770 (I actually have one).

    Oh, 4870 is $20 cheaper, if thats a concern.
  2. No need to buy an old tech like HD4870, you'll better with newer card like HD5770 or GTX460.
    So, what is your full specs? monitor? budget?
  3. 5770
  4. a dafinate go wid 5770
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