Setting up raid 10

Hello pips!

I was using a SSD for my OS and a WD RE4 1TB for my storage.
before I was setting to AHCI and now I got another 3 pcs of WD RE4 1TB.

can anyone teach me step by step of installing/setting up a RAID 10 for my 4 WD RE4 with existing OS?
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    Do you have a RAID controller? You should be able configure RAID 10 in the RAID controller BIOS, once done this will present the RAID volume to the OS, from there you can partition, format it and assign a drive letter. You may need to install the RAID controller drivers in your OS before it will see the drive. If you do not have a RAID controller, I would consider purchasing an add-on controller (software based should be fine, no processor needed) and use that.
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